Reflecting with the Little Brown Journal

I love the hungry white pages of a brand new journal. Each page ready for the strike of an eager pen. As of this week, my little brown book has officially retired. It’s pages maxed with messages from my pastor, quotes from my mentor, notes from books I’ve read, prayers I’ve offered to the Lord, correction He has brought me in my sin and Scripture He has whispered in the hush of our time together.

Re-flect \ri-ˈflekt\ : to think quietly and calmly

This morning I want to reflect with the little brown journal. Sitting quietly before the Lord. Turning each page of His faithfulness to me. Remembering the goodness of this year past. The hardships. The joys. Join me as I highlight and reflect on a few one-liners from little brown journal…

* Yesterday it was very clear to me…apart from Christ I can do nothing. NOTHING.

* Refreshment is found in the presence of God.

* “In a hopeless world – hope is powerful. In a truthless world – grace is powerful.” -Pastor Dunn
* “If you carry the Word in your heart during times of trouble then His Word will carry you.” -D. Barnes

* “The only way you can make little of yourself is to make much of someone else.” -Piper

* How do we deal with Pride? We continually deflect and point to Christ.

* You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness in joy. Psalm 16:11 – JOY come from His presence!

* Rest is a result of discipline. Choose to Trust God. Rest is found here.

* “You have to fight for your enjoyment of the Lord.” -J. Newman

* “The Devil works out of a position of pride. The Lord works out of a position of humility.” -D. Barnes

* “The reward of seeking God is God. He is the reward.” -Pastor Dunn

* In the Kingdom of God we either move forward or backwards. We never stand still.

* “Love never fails. Just love.” -D. Barnes

* “Faith comes by hearing. Using what you’ve heard increases your faith. We must do what we hear from God.” -Pastor King

* Don’t be a child of Israel who complains. Crucify yourself, Becky. Be thankful.

* Don’t look to people for my supply – look to God. Expect everything from Him.

* “If you suffer any want, it is your own fault.” -Spurgeon

* “When a tide of passion or a surge of anger is felt, it must be dealt with as the alien intruder it really is and turned out of the house. It has no right to be there at all…let alone give orders.” -Nasser

* Christians must take severe measures in dealing with sin.

* God’s Word isn’t the fun news it’s the Good News. And we can’t realize how good it is until we see how bad we are. This realization will always bring forth change.

* “Be well trained with the weapons of God (Eph 6). Know your covenant. Understand your authority and agreement. Jesus’ death and suffering are not in vain. Honor the price paid.” -D. Barnes

* Lord, ignite in me fresh passion. Let us pursue intimacy. Romance me, Lord. Word of God speak. Fill my heart with Your Word. I give myself to you as a living sacrifice. Holy and Acceptable. My spiritual act of worship. Amen.

Do you have any one-liners today? Do share. I’d love to reflect with you.

I also did a similar post with my Little Red Journal. I love looking back over what the Lord has done. He is so good.

4 thoughts on “Reflecting with the Little Brown Journal

  1. Becky, I just want to thank you for coming last nt & speaking @ Julie's LNO. I felt that the Lord spoke to me, through you & the scriptures you shared. (Esp. concerning forgiveness) Your teaching, your attitude, the way you carry yourself,… is such a great, godly example of victorious living! I am envious of that in your life. I used to have that. Somewhere along life & ministry, I've become disengaged, disinterested, unsure, fearful, insecure, beaten down by others criticism… I've sort of given up 'living'. I am going through the motions. How do I get off this ride? Ugh!!! (Please pray for me)Thank you again for coming, for being obedient, for sharing with us.God bless.

  2. "If we are consistently and constantly living in jealousy, we will miss out on the Kingdom of God.""Jealousy is the thief of joy."God has been doing a lot in my heart about choosing a stance of joy.

  3. This is great stuff, Becky! I should put all my notes in one journal, but I have notes EVERYWHERE!! I'm trying to be better at compiling them & have started typing up a lot of them! I still have lots of journals everywhere, but here are some good quotes I've typed up as of late…"Yes, yes… my plate is most full…. but so is my cup." ~S.E. Pharis"The real secret to the Christian life is YIELDING to Christ and allowing Him to live His life through you." ~Jason Peebles (World Outreach Ministries)"…take it all away and we are left with our longing souls and a satisfying Savior" ~ Becky {Yes, I actually put this in my "quotes" doc! <3}"Walking with intentional blinders on, he kept his eyes on his Savior and not the obstacles all around him." ~J. Slattery"You are God, of all else I'm letting go." ~Hillsong"Love came down and hope was found and life began again." ~Gungor"My relentless satisfaction in God can be found in this trial…Hunker down & find joy instead of resenting the trial." ~Neil McClendonOK, that's all for now! I'm sorry this is so long, but you probably expected it from me! 😉

I means so much to hear from you!

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