How Do We Find Balance?

I got a voicemail the other day from one of my dearest friends. She lives in Florida and was heading into town when she called. I want you to hear/read this. She said (hold on – listening to her message and typing quick!…)

“Hey Becky, Becky! Hey sweet friend! I just read your One Thing post on my phone…it really struck a cord with me based on today. I got up at 5:58am. I didn’t get all of us ready and out of the house until about 2 o’clock. My question is … when your working as hard as you possibly can do you just stop and say enough is enough? – I need to go be with Jesus? Do you just not do the work? Do I just stop doing what I’m doing? What do I do? What do you do? What should that actually look like? I know I need do the work and serve my family. But I know I need be with Jesus, too. I guess I’m wondering… How do I do both at the same time? When it’s crunch time, ya know? When the rubber meets the road? OK. Call me back. Love you!”

Oh sweet friend. Your message sits at the heart of this series – At The Feet of Jesus. Aren’t we all wondering the answer to the questions in her voicemail? How do we live at the feet of Jesus in November 2011? What does that look like? How do we make it all happen? – all the chores? The yard work? Paying bills? Calling your grandma? Choosing meaningful Christmas gifts? Grocery shopping? Making beds? Attending school functions? Helping kids with homework? Serving in the classroom? Driving kids to practice? Keeping your boss happy? Oh…and eating balanced meals. Cooking balanced meals for your family? Making balanced meals for friends with new babies? Exercising? Maintaining healthy friendships? Creating lasting memories for your children? Oh, and your husband (or wife)!? Pursuing your mate and loving them well.

Where does Jesus fit into all of this? And resting at His feet!?

Great question.

There must be practical ways to intentionally sit at the feet of Jesus, yes. And we will discuss some of those. But here is what I personally try try try to remember…I need to not try and fit God in to the balance of my life. He isn’t Someone to be balanced…He is the High Wire. He holds everything together. He is the One who is holding me up. He gives me a place to stand. I wouldn’t have one thing to be balancing if it weren’t for Him – the giver of every good and perfect gift (James 1:17). He is it. He isn’t to be balanced in my life – He is to be the King of it.

Mary…sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to His teaching. But Martha was distracted with much serving. Luke 10:39,40

You know one thing that strikes me about this whole story? Picture this with me…Jesus was reclining at the table in Martha and Mary’s home. He was visiting with them both. Every word from his lips potent with life-altering truth. Mary was at Jesus feet, listening. Martha was in the kitchen, distracted. IF MARTHA WOULD HAVE SETTLED HERSELF DOWN,
We aren’t talking about big houses here. This was most likely one big open room.
Martha very well could have CHOSEN to sit at Jesus feet…while she prepared the meal.

My Bible footnote says this, sitting at the feet of Jesus is “a disciples proper place.” As a follower of Christ this is the position we are to take in life…at the feet of Jesus. But look here…In the Greek the word for feet is pous and is used here as a metaphor for disciples listening to their teacher’s instruction.

So for us, today, November 23, 2011, this is what it means to sit at the feet of Jesus…to listen to His teaching and instruction.

Does this mean we sit in a chair at the kitchen table with a large cup of water, two cups of coffee, an Ipod and a Bible? Yes.

Does this mean while we mash potatoes over a hot stove we listen to a sermon that we DVR’d from last Sunday? Or download on your computer? Yes.

Does this mean we meditate on a verse while we drive to work in the mornings? Yes.

Does this mean that we pay attention to our own hearts as we read the little devotional book to our children at bedtime? Yes.

Does this mean that while we scurry to get out of town for a holiday trip to see family that we are mindful that a Living God watches over us and is our help – even in the little things? Yes.

Does this mean that we get on our knees before we go to bed and talk to the Lord about our day, confessing sin and entering into His sweet presence? Yes.

A disciples proper place…at Jesus’ feet. Choosing His teaching over the distraction of the world. I like it.

And we said on Saturdayit is a day to day, second by second choice. And this choice is in fierce competition with “much serving.”

But one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will never be taken away from her. Luke 10:42

In light of Thanksgiving, I get tickled to think that Jesus is the only Bread where we don’t need to watch our portion size. He is the good portion. Gobble Him up this Thanksgiving. No portion control necessary.

Sit at His feet, dear disciple. Even in the hustle. For it is our proper place.

And Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours. (I can’t get my third to retire his Halloween costume. Oh well.) Love to you all…

2 thoughts on “How Do We Find Balance?

  1. Good words, Becky! There are so many ways that we can be constantly sitting at his feet! It's easy for me to do when my kids are in school, but this is helpful during the time when they're off!

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