One Necessary Thing for the Holidays {II}

Imagine yourself standing in a long checkout line at Target. To pass the time you begin to browse the magazines. You have no children with you, the nanny has them all at home practicing violin (hey – this is fiction…let’s make it good) so you grab a “grown-up” candy bar to share with absolutely no one.

You notice that headlining the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine reads this tagline, “The One Thing Necessary For Everything You’ll Ever Need.”

Hmmm. What in the world would that be? Quite a lofty statement, isn’t it? Who has the authority to say such a thing?

Well, unfortunately for Cosmo, that one thing has already been determined. The Word is already out – about 2000 years ago actually.

So instead of thumbing the magazine to page 103 to read more, simply flip to Luke 10:41, 42 with me this morning.

Martha, Martha you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her. Luke 10:41a, 42

Last post we asked of Mary, “Tell us Mary. What is this one thing that will never be taken from you? What drove you to the floor that evening at dinner. What had you figured out that Martha had not?”

Today, we get our answer. Stick with me as we break this down.

One Thing (heis) : that one which is required to be singled out from a certain number

The “one thing that is necessary” must become uncommon from the number of other things buying for our attention. The One Thing is to be “singled out.” Given special attention. Set apart as other.

Necessary (chreia) : to supply what is absolutely necessary for life; for the edification of the soul, of which this is special need. (read that again)

Friend, if we take it all away – Every possession we own, every dollar we make, every relationship we have, every success we achieve, every plan on your calendar, the upcoming holiday preparation…take it all away and we are left with our longing souls and a satisfying Savior. He is the One. Nothing else will do. Mary understood that Jesus was absolutely necessary for her life. He edified her soul. He met all of the special needs within her.

Mary has chosen the good portion. V 42

Our life is simply a conglomeration of the choices we make. Little bitty “what’s for dinner” choices up to the big “who will we marry” choices. We are given the freedom of choice all of the time.

This story of Mary and Martha is not just a story about busy Martha in the kitchen. This story is about the contrast of choice.

Chosen (eklegomai) to pick out for one’s self.

Martha and Mary both had a choice to make. Jesus was with them both. He did not come more in favor of Mary. He didn’t come to see only her. Mary had to make a conscious choice to sit at his feet. Martha could have chosen the same.

Does this mean that Mary is better that Martha? No. Martha could have still worked in the kitchen and her choice could still have been to rest in Jesus. The picture portrayed of Martha and Mary is a representation of the heart choices we all make. Martha’s service to Jesus was not a bad thing. We are called to serve others. And we are also called to sit at the feet of Jesus.

This passage is not about Martha getting “caught up in the preparations of a meal. It is about choosing between what is good and what is better.” –Bible Gateway.

Jesus words to Martha are not condemning or unkind. He is compassionate to our sweet Martha, Martha.

He didn’t condemn Martha. He commended Mary.

Mary has chosen the good portion. V. 42

Good: Insures salvation to him who choses it.

The definition of good is significantly more poignant that our flippant use of the word. Good, as used here is to define the good choice of salvation. Do you see the word “choice” again?

Portion: an assigned part or provision.

Don’t miss this…Jesus Himself is our assigned provision. The God Head provided us a Savior from the throne of Heaven. He came and assigned himself, meeting the demands and longings of our souls. He is the One Thing. Jesus. Our cup and portion forever. Psalm 16:5
Yes, he is our assigned good portion. He will never be taken away from us. But we must choose Him. Initially as our Savior. And every moment after that.

Like Mary, we must learn to rest at the feet of Jesus. Even if we are scurrying in the kitchen, filing papers at work, loading a dishwasher, sitting in carpool, wrapping Chritmas gifts, carving a turkey…our heart can still rest at the feet of Jesus. We can still enjoy his presence. We can still offer praise to His name – giving thanks to the fulfillment of our soul. We can still choose the good portion – every second of the day.

Will you choose Him today?

He is the One. The One Thing Necessary.

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