The Girlfriend’s Guidebook {a giveaway!}

There are ample books for women on dating, career, marriage and motherhood, but few thoughtful writings about the everyday handling of female friendships. Interesting, considering numerous studies show that female friendships are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, bonding between females has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and even fuel creativity.

How then can something so good for us, be so utterly complicated? While they are healthy female friendships are also deeply complex, often involving issues like control and jealousy.

Inspired by the highs and lows of a backpacking trip across Europe with foul gal pals, Marian Jordan’s, The Girlfriend’s Guidebook; Navigating Female Friendships charts a winning pathway through, “jealously, competition, control, anger, manipulation, and resentment — just to name a few less than cuddly aspects of our personalities.”

“When it comes to friendships, women often revisit feelings of insecurity and jealousy they haven’t felt since the growing pains of high school.” says Jordan. “We have thoughts such as ‘What am I supposed to do when my friend is giving me the silent treatment and I don’t know why’ and ‘How am I supposed to react when it feels like middle school school, and I’m the girl no picked to sit at the lunch table?'”

Informed by her faith, Jordan encourages deeper friendships built on Christ-like honesty and love, emphasizing the development of such qualities as loyalty, trustworthiness, compassion, and forgiveness. Jordan also makes it clear that The Girlfriend Guidebook should be read first with one’s self in mind, recognizing that when we are freed from our own emotional baggage we will really be able to enjoy the journey! – PR by the book, Elaine Krackau

Whoa. Is any of that resonating with you this morning? Friendships can be so hard sometimes, can’t they? How do we, as Christian women, deal with the obstacles that can come from female relationships? Can we embrace the hardships they sometimes bring as an opportunity to grow more into the likeness of Christ? I know the answer is yes.
In the power of the Holy Spirit, the answer is yes.

The Girlfriends Guidebook: Navigating Female Friendships, complete with small group discussion questions, is a wonderful resource to have on hand. The deeper we grow in our walks with the Lord, the deeper we move into community with the body of Christ. Let us all equip ourselves well in this area. SO TODAY!! Let’s have a GIVEAWAY!!

If you would like to enter to win this book here is what we’ll do…

Since it is November, the month of giving thanks, let us be thankful for our friendships. Take a second to intentionally thank the Lord for the special friendships in your life. Your comment can be as simple as
“I am thankful for Betty, Sue and Ethel. – Becky C.”

I look forward to rejoicing with you! This giveaway will end Tuesday night at 9pm! The winner to be announced on Wednesday morning.

Speaking of friends…share this giveaway with one of yours! Also, be sure your name is with your comment. Blogger doesn’t always tell me who you are. Thanks!!


20 thoughts on “The Girlfriend’s Guidebook {a giveaway!}

  1. I am thankful for thoughtful friends, like Julie, who are good at keeping in touch even when I am not. And for sisters in Christ, like my mom-in-law who inspire me to draw close to the Lord. – Meg Chalmers

  2. I am thankful for so many wonderful girlfriends, both near and far, who were right by my side while my husband was deployed. Even though family is far away, I felt I had such great support through my girls!! Stephanie Pohler 🙂

  3. I am sooo thankful for Becky and all the wisdom she has spoken into my life. I am so thankful for my wonderful friends who consistently encourage me and are so fun to be with–Carrie, Emily, Lauren, Olivia, Cate, Ashley, Julie, Kim, and Katie! (and I miss you a ton Becky!!!!) (Love Missy Fuller)

  4. This is Felicia and I am so thankful for my beautiful mentor in Christ, sister in Christ, loyal prayer warrior, and deeply trustworthy friend Becky. I am also deeply thankful for my sweet friend in Christ, Emily. Thank you precious Jesus for friends to give arms to your spirit and wrap us in the warmth of a hug that flows from our fingertips to our toes, that makes us feel special, important, needed, and the greatest of all-loved. Praise your holy name Jesus for loving us so much that we can claim that we are your adored children, your princesses of your great kingdom. Please bless mommies, grandmas, wives, aunts, and friends with a renewed strength to overcome, persevere, and never let go of your sweet love. Amen

  5. I am thankful for my mom Debbie! She has transitioned from not just being my mom, but a friend as well! She exhibits what true friendship should look like. She always speaks to me honestly and in love. She always encourages me in the Lord, and never has selfish motives. She encourages me through my Christian journey, and is as loyal as they come! Between the Lord and her, I am learning how to be a better friend, also, have and maintain healthy Christ centered friendships! ~Keeley Baker

  6. I am thankful for my wonderful friends Holly, April, April, Danielle, Alyson, Ginny. I am truly blessed to have these incredible women in my life. They are Godly wives and mothers and such great influences to be around.. They are there for me through thick and thin and I would do anything for them. I am so grateful for them and their friendships and what they have added to my life!

  7. i'm thankful for my sweet twin sister kim, long time friend robin, and new friend mary. they are all gifts in my life and are co-walkers with me on my journey with Jesus. true blessings! jennifer m.

  8. I have LOTS to be thankful for – my sisters, my aunt Sheri, my aunt Carla, sweet sister-friends – Kerry, Julia, Christy, Amanda, Veronica, Mellie, Christa, Kim, Amy…I know I'm forgetting some, because God has blessed me with many sweet women who love me no matter how much of a mess I am. I'm forever grateful for His blessings! And also – I could really, really use this book. Lord knows I've made a mess of enough friendships and am still struggling with some deep hurts from a relationship that has yet to be restored.

I means so much to hear from you!

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