31 Days :: Teaching Them Authority

Are you tired of me yet? Thirty one days is a lot of coffee for one little blogger! I am so grateful for you sticking with me through this series. I truly believe we can all learn something from each other. Thank you for sharing with me through this, too. God uses you so often in my life. No doubt about it.

Speaking of learning from each other, I felt it very fitting to give a big ol’ shout out to one of the most influential moms I know. Her name is Tisha. Remember Tisha? As in she redesigned my house Tisha? Oh yeah! That Tisha. Well, not only is she an amazing interior designer – not only is she one talented little seamstress – not only does she write her own blog – she is also one ROCK star of a mommy. Seriously, when we painted my kitchen, I learned just as much about being a mommy as I did about refinishing cabinets.

Yesterday morning, we had a little baby shower anticipating the November arrival of her sixth baby. No typo there. Yes, sixth. We had a great time celebrating her and what God has done in her sweet family. This summer, as we painted, hung curtains and fluffed pillows, I took away several little nuggets of wisdom that I want to transfer into the Crenshaw home. Little ways of disciplining my children in a greater understanding of God and His Word.

In the Old Testament, one primary way God made his plan known was through the great Prophets. A prophet is one who spoke not his own words, but words that he had divinely received. He was God’s messenger. A declarer of God’s will.

For example, Tisha teaches this concept in a very creative way. I shared with her one time how my older boys like to dominate their younger siblings. They crave authority. So they end up being bossy and unloving, which leads to disputing. At this, Tisha made the observation that it sounds like my children are trying to take away the authority that God has given to Brent and me. They are trying to use our God-given authority for themselves.

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God and those that exist have been instituted by God. Romans 13:1

So she and her husband will sometimes give the children room to exercise a bit of authority over the other siblings…instituted only by her or her husband. Let me explain. Ex. She might pull Mary aside, her oldest daughter, and say, “Will you do me a favor? Will you go down stairs and act as a prophet for mommy? Will you please go ask your brothers to come upstairs and wash for dinner?”

So Mary goes downstairs and says, “I’m acting as a prophet for mom…will you all please come upstairs and wash for dinner?”

If the siblings do not come, it is an act of disobedience against the parents. Not against Mary.

This works around here. It has been a great, hands-on way for the boys to learn the concept of a prophet. It is also important that they learn not to abuse their use of authority.

So what do you think? Is this something you could use in your family?

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