31 Days :: A Little Reminder (for me)

Handbook: a book capable of being conveniently carried as a ready reference : manual

Yesterday, my mind swirled all afternoon. And I want to share with you why.

I want to be very clear about something in regards to this 31 Days in the Parenting Handbook.

The very, very, very last thing I want to convey in this series is that the Bible (a.k.a. our Parenting Handbook) is to be presented to our children as a book full of rules for them to follow. Is it a book full of rules? Well yes, in part. But even greater, and the biggest thing I want to relate to my children, is that God’s Word is a record of what God has done… His faithfulness… His merciful Love for his Children. It is a story of unfathomable redemption….a Perfect God redeeming a people who were incapable of following the rules.

So. As a parent, I too, want to keep a conscientious balance of this…”Becky – Don’t Ever – Ever – Ever present God’s Word as binding, oppressive or legalistic. Teach your children that the rules and boundaries that God has laid for us…WILL SET YOUR CHILDREN FREE.”

This, my sweet friend and reader, is my very heart.

Today, I woke later than usual. I am fighting a little sinus-y junk which makes my body crave sleep, tissues a Luden’s cough drops. When I rolled over, I found a little boy. A little boys weighing 72lbs. Maybe I should say a not-so-little-anymore-boy.

When I got up, so did he. “Grant, if you are going to be up this early, you are going to have your First and Ten with me.”

First and TenSpending the first ten minutes of your day with Jesus, reading His Word and praying.

As my coffee brewed, he grabbed his journal and Bible. I took his Bible and opened it to Psalm 63:3-4. “Why don’t you copy this verse and reflect. When you are finished writing, come to the table and we’ll talk about it.”

Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands. Ps 63:3-4

So while I’ve been over here typing, he has been writing. He just now came over to me and showed me his pretty cursive handwriting. “Grant, do you know why I wanted you to write this verse? {No} I wanted you to write it because I want us to always view God in light of His Majesty. He is so worthy of our praise. He is a loving Father, but He is also the reigning King. His love is so much better than anything this world has to offer. He loves you so much.”

More than any rule or law, I want my boys to know Jesus. I want them to understand that He bore the Cross and died a horrible, yucky, painful death because we couldn’t follow the rules. Does that mean we are released from rules? No. Does it mean He gives us grace when we break them? Absolutely.

Ultimately, the law is to point us to story of The Cross. Let me never forget to leave this out of parenting. A part from the Cross, the Bible is a book of rules that we are incapable of obeying.

(We went to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday with some friends and took my neice. Isn’t she a doll?)

Have a great Saturday.

2 thoughts on “31 Days :: A Little Reminder (for me)

  1. I totally know what you're saying! This is something we have wanted to try to teach the kids, too. It's one of those things about grace that are hard to fully understand, but we're trying our best to explain! I love how you explained it here!PS. I love the picture! You're TOO cute! {& yes, your niece is a doll!} 🙂

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