31 Days :: A Time to Beat-Box

Yesterday was practically perfect.

I woke up to hear that the Cardinals won. I went for an early run and watched the most stunning sunrise (note: all the decorative scarecrows are quite alarming when it is dark- be prepared). The boys played flag football and won their games – a first for both. Family came into town. We went to a birthday party complete with Karate and chocolate covered Oreo suckers. I cleaned out closets and prepared for colder weather. We watched SEC football and ate tacos.

My heart was full and happy.

But in the midst of this fun-filled day, there was a moment of hustle and bustle here and there. The birthday party was time sensitive so after our flag football games, I needed to prepare lunch, run out to buy a present and get the kiddos to where they needed to be.

As I was scurrying around the kitchen, Grant was right there with me. Wanting to help, but a bit in the way. He was so very excited about winning his game. He was a “hyper monkey” as Brent likes to say. Which is all fine. I was excited for him, too. But I needed to do things quickly.

And can I just tell you how beat-boxing has made a comeback at the Crenshaw residence? I seriously need to call The Electric Company at PBS and say “Thanks a lot for keeping the beat-box alive.”

I don’t mind that my boys love to beat box. It is very funny actually. However, it can be quite annoying if your not “in the mood” for beat-boxing.

And yesterday, scurrying around the kitchen, trying to get out the door again for a birthday party, I was not “in the mood” for beat-boxing.

“Grant, buddy, why don’t you go upstairs with the beat-boxing. Or go outside perhaps. Mommy needs to think. There is a time for every manner under heaven…a time to keep silence and a time to speak (Ecc 3:1,7) In this case, a time to beat box and a time not to beat box. Right now would be a time not to beat box.”

“OK. I’ll go outside. Call me in when lunch is ready.”

And that was that. Nothing elaborate. But a small teachable moment in the midst of a busy day.

Enjoy a restful Sabbath.

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