31 Days :: Live At Peace

My van is a the most argument festering place on the planet. I swear, my kids can be happy as larks, but the second I hear seat belts buckle, little claws come out and tiny fangs descend.

~ His feet are on my chair. ~ He’s pulling my seat belt. ~ Mom, he won’t stop singing. ~ I had that book first. ~ I don’t want that song. ~ I do want that song. ~He interrupted me. ~ He still won’t stop singing.


I’m telling you, if you’d like a crash course on family cohesiveness or working through relational strife, just hop in the van with my family and ride. For a long time.

Or not a long time…two nights ago, we were pulling out of our subdivision -less than a half mile from my driving way. I had barely even turned my blinker on when I heard, “Ahhh! Waaahhhhh! Mommmyy!”

I turn to see my five-year-old swatting his quick, little hand at his three-year-old brother. And growling. Yes, growling.

“Ethan? What is going on?”

“Well, Luke was spitting at me. I wanted him to stop.”

“Buddy, if he’s spitting at you, then tell me. I will make sure he stops. If you start swatting at him, then we have two problems. Spitting and swatting.”

“But he was being mean to me.”

The Bible says as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. (Romans 12:18) It doesn’t matter if he is spitting or hitting or swatting, as far as it depends on you – live at peace with your brother. You are only in charge on you. Yes Ma’am?

Long pause. Then a small, “Yes, Ma’am.”

I couldn’t help but think how much I relate to Ethan. When the world starts spitting at me, I start to swat and growl and try to fix things myself. When really all I need to do is call on my Daddy to intervene. And live at peace.

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Romans 12:18

To celebrate October, enjoy a few festive pics. These have nothing to do with anything. I. Just. Love. Fall.
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5 thoughts on “31 Days :: Live At Peace

  1. What is it with the van and kids!!!!??!! You are not alone in your struggles with car drama. As I am in the comfort of my home, I think "I'll just pray and encourage the kids to pray while we drive somewhere" Then inevitably those good intentions are combatted with sin and somebody growling! Keep on keepin on sistah ministah!Tara

  2. This is a great parenting verse. Must remember it! One thing I did in the car – especially on our way home after a long day in town – was if the kids couldn't control their tongue they lost the freedom to speak! To help them remember I had them hold their hand over their mouth. If they couldn't use their hands appropriately they had to sit on them. When my kids were little these physical reminders worked great. I'm enjoying your series. Thank you.

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