31 Days :: Be Agreeable

Fall does not mean orange leaves and apple cider to my boys. Fall means football. And not just any kind of football, but football with their daddy.

From the moment I get them from school –“Mommy, when will daddy come home?” – “Can we play out back with Daddy before dinner? What about after dinner?”

So last night, it was much to their dismay when daddy came in, gave kisses and headed right back to the yard for mowing. Following him out into the garage, “Dad, can we play pass once you finish?”

“If I get finished before dark, we’ll play pass. We’ll see, okay?”

Well, you know as well as I do that daddy ain’t comin’ back in until dark. My sweet, perfectionist Brent doesn’t stop until every blade is chopped and each leaf is blown.

Ethan tired quickly of waiting. The air was chilly and his PJ’s lured him in. Grant, on the other hand, sat in the red swing, twisting back and forth. It was seven o’clock and night was closing in.

I stood at the screen door, “Grant, come on in so you can get a shower.”

He looked me square in the eye, “No.”

Come again? “Grant?”

“Daddy said he would play football if he finishes in time.”

“Buddy, it is time for a bath. Come. On. We can wait for Daddy inside.”

3-2-1….”Mom! I have waited all day to play football with dad. I am going to wait on him.”

Rule #3
Be agreeable –
Do all things without grumbling or questioning. Philippians 2:14

This verse covers a lot of ground. Grumbling is a quiet murmur or muttering, a secret displeasure not openly avowed.

Where questioning a deliberated rebellion against authority. It is also defined as hesitation, doubting, disputing and arguing.

So this verse covers a parent’s, “What did you just say?” and the “I can’t believe he just said that!”

It is interesting, too, that Paul is making reference to the grumbling, wilderness generation of Israel, whose spiritual progress was thwarted because of their grumbling and questioning. Yikes. I don’t want this for my children.

Being agreeable isn’t just good to mama’s ears, it is so pleasing to the Lord’s. Being agreeable, as Paul describes in Philippians 2:15, is shining as lights in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation. Being agreeable advances a child’s spiritual progress. Anybody can grumble and question, but being agreeable sets the men apart from the boys.

There was more to Grant’s coming inside to get a shower. I want Grant to practice having an agreeable spirit, so one day, when the Lord calls him to throw down his net and follow Him, he will be quick to obey. And he will follow Jesus without grumbling or questioning.

What do you say to your kiddos when they grumble or question your authority?

2 thoughts on “31 Days :: Be Agreeable

  1. Ugh! I need this rule for myself! 😦 As for the kids, I must confess that I've said, "Because I said so" a time or two! I'm pretty sure that's one of the phrases I swore I'd never say to my kids! "Be agreeable" is a much better response, coupled with a lesson on what Paul had to say in that verse!

  2. Oh…I am SO guilty of this myself. In fact, my husband points it out to me (much to my annoyance). I need to remember that verse for myself and model it to my children. There's also a verse (and I can't remember right now where it is) that says we should do all things as to the Lord. So, the grumbling and complaining is, simply put, disobedience to the Lord. Ouch. Thanks for the reminder and the conviction – I needed it.

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