Walking Into Walls – A Giveaway!

Stephen Arterburn, author of Every Man’s Battle, has bundled years of counseling experience into a new book identifying reasons we habitually make poor choices. What is it with us? What do others realize about our sin patterns that we are too wrapped up in to see?

Do you struggle with hindered spiritual growth? Unhealthy relationships? Dissatisfaction with your life? Arterburn’s wisdom and insight brings clarity to the “whys” of these problems.

In his book, Walking Into Walls, he identifies five blind spots that cause us to make poor choices – stubborn resistance, self-centered entitlement, justifiable resentment, blind ignorance, disconnected isolation. He then offers life-changing advice to help us conquer these self-defeating reactions – and make the changes permanent. {wow}

All of us crash into self-constructed walls and bloody our noses from time to time. These walls block growth, healthy relationships and overall contentment and happiness. Most of us are blind to our own self-defeating behaviors and attitudes, so we repeatedly walk into the same walls again and again. Best-selling author Stephen Arterburn leads us through the process of deconstructing the issues that built those walls as well as find the permanent healing that frees us to live the joyful life we were meant to live. – Worthy Publishing

From my coffee table to yours…

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