The Post I Never Wanted To Write

It was a cool Sunday in May 2010. I drove past the only rental house on my street. In the driveway were three blonde-headed little girls splashing in a kiddie pool. Tucked away in the shade of the garage was their blonde-headed little momma painting kitchen chairs.

I stopped the van, “Welcome to the neighborhood! My name is Becky. I live three doors down. I just wanted to say hello. I have three little boys around the same age as your daughters. We would love to have you over to play sometime.”

And a friendship began.

A couple of days later my boys brought cookies and flowers to greet the girls. (You may remember, I wrote a post during our Summertime Sanity series about Serving Others – this was the family!) Playing sometime became most days and most days became almost everyday. Teresa and I were instant kindred.

Statefarm is not kidding – there is nothing “like a good neighbor.” We had never shared life with another family like this before. We celebrated every holiday. Every birthday. Every occasion last year. Teresa and I went to the same gym, our kids went to the same preschool, we worshipped at the same church, we read the same books, we car pooled and even grocery shopped some together. We shared life.

Thursday nights, while Brent was at CRU, Teresa would walk down once the boys went to bed. We’d eat KettleKorn and talk about Jesus. How many friends do that? Eat KettleKorn and talk about Jesus? Not many.

Our kids became the best of friends. Each age matched. A day never passed when I wasn’t asked, “Are we going to see the neighbors? Can I walk down to the neighbor’s? Can the neighbors come over later?”

Princess parties, Trick or Treating, cookie baking, Christmas dinner, our New Years “Just Dance” party – LOL, Women’s Retreat, Easter Egg hunts, lazy days at the pool.

Teresa. I just miss you so.

I knew they were moving after one year. I knew it, I knew it. But their being here was not happenstance. Or an afterthought on God’s part. Their residence three doors down was Divine.

Even our husbands became good friends – rare.

This special family left last month for Germany. The dreaded end of July. And now I am left to drive by the quiet of her house. And left to write the blog post that I never wanted to write.

Sweet Teresa. We miss you all. I miss your tender heart for Jesus. Your affection for all of His creation. I miss your prayerfulness for your family and mine. I miss your “it will all work out” attitude and your extreme enthusiasm for Zumba :). I miss our “anytime we felt like it” talks over coffee. I miss your encouragement. We miss you too, Geoff! And of those little girls. I miss them. So. Much. {tears}

I am so thankful for the sweet year we had. Thank you for not withholding your friendship from us, knowing you were only here for a short time. Thank you Jesus for the gift of this family. No words will do.

Now that I am a complete mess, I will celebrate the rest in pictures.

So Teresa, go eat some spaetzle for me (what is spaetzle anyway?) and tell Germany “Guten Tag” from the Crenshaws!

I love you, Sweet T.

Praise the Lord, O my soul. Psalm 103:1

Every good and perfect gift…

…is from above. James 1:17

The Lord is your keeper. Psalm 121:5

May the Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord make his face to shine upon you,

And be gracious to you…

The Lord lift up his countenance upon you…

And give you peace. – Numbers 6:24-26

Ich Liebe Dich, friend.

4 thoughts on “The Post I Never Wanted To Write

  1. oh wow girl! love you both so much. This year was just an appetizer for what the Lord has in store for your relationship – I am excited to see how He will bring your kindred spirits back together!

  2. Oh my sweet sweet sister! I love you so dearly! And thank God for you! What a gift you are to my life!!! Can't wait to move back to sweet Tennessee!!! Can't wait til we are neighbors again! I love you!

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