God Wants Us To Ask

Anne Graham Lotz and I aren’t friends, sisters-in-Christ, yes, but true friends, no. So I can’t say she is “guest posting” for me this morning. However, I read her daily devotional and feel as if I know her. That being said, I feel freedom to share this post from the other day. I have pondered it and been so moved by its message. Sweet Lord, he wants us to ask Him – for everything. He’s our Daddy. He hears us and loves to bless His babies. Enjoy..

If we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him. 1 John 5:15, NKJV

During the days of Ezekiel, God poured out His heart and shared what He wanted to do for His beloved people. Then He revealed an astonishing fact: “I will yet for this be enquired of by the house of Israel, to do it for them” (Eze. 36:37, KJV). God was waiting to be asked!

My mother said that if there are any tears shed in heaven, they are going to be shed over all the answers to prayer for which no one ever bothered to ask. What blessing is God waiting to give you, but you haven’t asked Him for it?

Why does He wait for us to ask? Maybe He wants us to acknowledge our need of Him. Maybe it’s one way of getting our attention. Maybe it’s the only way we will know when the answer comes that it comes from Him, and we don’t credit ourselves or someone else for it.


Anne Graham Lotz

{Praying for you, Pep Moms}

4 thoughts on “God Wants Us To Ask

  1. That's good! I read a wonderful book of hers years ago that really helped me in making some decisions. You'd think I'd remember what it's called, but I can't right now! Anyways, she's a great writer who hears from the Lord!

  2. Haha Yes, I too love instant gratification. I mean really who doesn't? My quick-fix household chores are vacuuming and Swiffering. Bonus: The Swiffer pads smell like lavender so not only do I see the clean floors and dirty Swiffer pad, but I also get the sweet aroma while doing it!

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