Is Your Calendar Chaos?

Yesterday, the boys and I were outside. And it was hot. Like give me 150 SPF hot.

But something ever so slight spoke of the coming of Fall. Ever. So. Slight. I can’t explain it. But despite the blazing sun, the hint was there. The blue of the sky, a light breeze, a faint smell of dying leaves saying, Hello! Fall is near.

Yet, what speaks more of the coming of Fall is chaos of my planner. Oh dear. I think my August calendar could overwhelm even a non-reader. It is ornate with white out, pencil scratch, eraser marks, highlighter, sticky notes and “sharpie” appointments.

A new semester: Back to school picnics. Staff meetings. Overnight student planning. Kindergarten meet and greet. Orientations. Preschool open house. Welcome week on UT’s campus. Freshman moving in. Outreaches. You name it.

Being on staff with a campus ministry, our lives are rarely 8 to 5. One day Brent may work 10 to 7. The next 6 to 4. The next 1 to 11:30. Our calendar is constantly changing. And just about the time I “get it down”… students are taking finals, Christmas break comes, and it changes again in Spring.

I have spent a lot of time glaring at my planner.

And the more I stare, the more I ask, Why can’t there be two of me?

Yesterday, I was on the treadmill and the Lord spoke to my heart…

(Maybe it is the hamster wheel likeness of the treadmill that represents me so well, I’m not sure, but the Lord He speaks to me there.)


Pray more than you plan.


Pray more than you plan.

I left the gym and I heard Him all day long. Pray more than you plan. (The Type A in me wants to rebel against this.)

As coffee brews in the mornings, I open all of my quiet time stuff. First, I turn on my computer. Then I open my email. Then I look to my calendar. Then I write my to-do list. And then I pray….

I go into my time with the Lord backwards.

I plan more than I pray.

Exhibit A:

Is anybody feeling me on this?

My order of events should look more like this.

Exhibit B:

Commit you work to the LORD, and your plans will be established. Proverbs 16:3

Your work (ma`aseh)- deeds, a thing done, acts, labour, business, pursuits, undertakings, achievements,a thing made…

Commit my work to the Lord….commit all of my labor, my daily business, all of my pursuits and dreams. Every undertaking. All of my achievements. All that I make and all of the things I do….COMMIT THEM TO HIM.

And he will accomplish them for me.


That takes the pressure off.

Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God. Psalm 146:5

If the past is any indicator of the future … the next month may be a bit crazy. But the Lord is my help. The God of Jacob is my hope.

And according to Scripture…I am blessed.

Neither chaos nor calamity nor my crazy calendar can separate me.

Pray more than you plan. Commit your ways to the Lord and your PLANNER will be established.

(Total side note: I can’t help but think of school teachers this morning. I know they are writing so many plans right now. I am praying for you all today, sweet school teachers. From the bottom of my heart…”Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”)

3 thoughts on “Is Your Calendar Chaos?

  1. Good advice! I tend to plan before I pray. I just read that verse in Proverbs this morning, so I think God's trying to tell me something! I must write it on a notecard!! 🙂

  2. Becky, you are so speaking to me right where I am right now. Thank you for listening to God when He speaks to you (even when you want to rebel:)), and then taking the time to share what you're learning! Passing this along today to a teacher friend of mine!

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