Popcorn and Sweet Cheeks

I rarely write in the evenings. But here lately, little Pookie (a.k.a. Luke age 2.9) has been quite contrary to the idea of bedtime. I wish I could say that I am firm and as soon as he comes down the steps I’m waiting on him with the spanking stick. I wish I could say he knows I mean business and he can not get out of his bed.


He is my third, and probably my last. And I am a sucker.

Tonight, however, I thought, “Tonight, things must change. No more cute Pookie coming down the steps for late night popcorn with mommy. No more puppy dog eyes staring at me over a bright orange paci.”

(Yes, he still has a paci. Don’t judge.)

Nope… tonight, I was going to (start) being consistent.

Eight o’clock rolled around and I curled up in bed with him, his little tan hand turning each page of a Thomas the Tank book. I read, he snuggled. At the book’s end, I turned out the light. And instead of saying good night and closing his door…I stayed.

I stayed because something within me was highly aware of the time. Not bedtime…but the tic-toc of childhood.

Don’t you wish we could slow it down?

My “littlest man” was born almost THREE years ago.

His birthday 8-8-08. A day set apart for great things.

Even China thought so.

I stayed a while in his double bed. Surrounded by build-a-bears and board books, petting his hair and singing lullaby’s.

Praying and holding back tears.

He barely even smells like a baby anymore. He even smells three. (Silly. But mom you know what I mean.)

Would someone please tell me how to make this clock stop? Slow the hands of little-boyhood?

How do I punch pause on these sweet cheeks?

Anybody know?

I am so thankful. Thankful to the Lord for this little guy. The missing piece to the Crenshaw clan. I am so thankful for his quiet feet slipping down the stairs for popcorn. I am so thankful for his tan hands and funny dance moves. I am so thankful for his devout passion for chicken nuggets and affection for Lightening McQueen.

I am so thankful he is mine. Even though not really.

He is the Lord’s.

I am so thankful for God’s good and perfect plan for His life. I am so honored to have his life touch mine.

Sweet boy. I am better because of you.

Now… let’s go back to bed. Good night.

4 thoughts on “Popcorn and Sweet Cheeks

  1. I am in tears, Becky. Our little #3, age 2.8 also still has a paci too and can wrap me around his little finger. No judging from the Pohler camp 🙂 I, too, want to keep him little at times and I also celebrate each stage he moves into when I see how many more things we can do as a family as he grows. I just enjoyed a night out tonight with our oldest, about to be 3rd grader, and loved that time with her. It is sweet as well and so relaxing to just hang and shop with her and have real conversation about life and friends. Okay, I'm tearing up again .. better go 🙂 Thanks for tonight's post. Love, Stephanie

  2. Becky, I had one of those moments with my Luke the other day! I just stopped and thought how fast time is going and just took a mental picture of him. My Luke is going to be 5 soon. I can barely believe that. Thanks for always sharing your heart on here.

  3. Girl, I wish there was a pause button on life! I miss my little toddlers, and I'd be perfectly fine if I could keep my kids where they are right now ~ on the verge of the teen years! I can't believe how quickly time flies, and it just keep on flying faster!! I'm so glad that you're cherishing these moments while you still have them!

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