Significant Summer: Bragging On You

I am so impressed by all of you! Thank you so very much for your warm feedback and enthusiasm about your Significant Summer! I hope you enjoy reading each other’s comments and visiting one another’s blogs today. I am excited to brag on you…

First let me tell you, back in May, I had a gracious invitation from the editor of Thriving Family to participate in their Summer’s “Faith On The Go” daily activities. And I still plan to do so. And blog about it.

But I will be honest. I just haven’t had time. Or drive to do so. I am very serious about the Holy Spirit directing this blog. And that being the case, the Lord has taken me on a road trip to some unfamiliar terrain in my heart. Hardship. Hidden Sin. Struggle. If I had been writing about some of their cutesy activities instead … then I’d be a big fat liar. But Mamaw is doing better and I can see light. Praise the LORD! I look forward to pursuing some of these activities with my boys.

But, it is available to all. Please take time to browse Thriving Family’s website and gather some fun-family-faith-building activities. Most are short and sweet. And easy.

Now to you!


My blogging friend Jenny wrote:

“I only have an 11 month old, so I honestly hadn’t really felt that the ‘significant summer’ challenge was for me, and had actually referred my sister to your blog (who has 3 kids ages 3-7). However, it wasn’t until this morning when I realized that I need to do that for my walk with the Lord personally, and that there are things that I can be intentional about with my daughter as well, even though she’s younger. So, I’m getting on board now with that idea.

My husband and I had already decided to have a set reading time with Natalie on the 2 and 1/2 days that she’s home with me during the week, and so I want to be more committed about that so that she’ll hopefully learn a love for reading that will develop into a love for God’s Word. We have a little devotional book that we read a story from each night to her before bed as well (or as often as we can). That’s been going really well, and I’m tying that into the concept on an intentional summer to hopefully solidify that commitment.

And I was wondering – when you refer to the book, Jesus Calling, are you referring to the one by Sarah Young? Or is there another version more oriented towards younger kids that you’re talking about?”

Whoo hoo, Jenny! Yes! It is never too early to start being intentional with your baby’s time! You are sowing seeds into her heart with every story you read to her. Hallelujah! And yes, Sarah Young has a devotional for children. It is awesome. I highly recommend. Especially for your sister’s older kiddos.


My dear international friend Cali has a blog. Visit her Significant Summer in Romania! Just her life, in general, makes me want to do something more significant with mine. This is an amazing family.


And Sue at Living Free In Him. Adore her. A dear friend who lives intentionally everyday. Sue wrote, “Hey Becky, Summer is going good! I haven’t wrote goals for the kids this summer yet, but I am thinking it will be stemming around honor. Reading Turasky’s book, Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining and Bad Attitudes, sooo good! I am hoping to introduce Summer of Significance next week in my blog and talk about it more.”

And she just did! Yesterday! Take a peek and browse her blog. Her heart for Jesus encourages me so.

Amy Amy! Sweet Amy at The Theme Song of the Day Is… I adore this girl. Her kiddos are older and she has such wisdom. She’s very honest and vulnerable. She wrote, “I feel like I’m doing just OK. Getting up early is definitely the key to reaching my spiritual & physical goals! As for the kids, they said that the intentional talks I was attempting to have were cheesy! So, I guess we’re back to deep conversations at bedtime & driving in the car ~ I just have to be strategic & not make it seem like I’m trying to talk with them! My mister & I are going out for coffee and watching a movie tonight, because the kids are both at friends! Yay for an impromptu date night!”

I think this is hilarious. I’m sure my boys think I am super cheesy, too. They just can’t articulate yet. My day is coming, I’m sure.


And Kalyn at A Quiet Strength has taken an intentional look at her marriage and claimed this summer to be significant for her and her hubby. You go girl! She is and will continue to blog about all of the fun things they plan to do this summer. Very fun. Thank you for sharing this with all of us, Kalyn!


Kristen!! Can I just say how much I adore the title of her blog….Raising Acorns. Get it?! Her title is derived from the passage in Isaiah, That they may be called Oaks of Righteousness the planing of the LORD, that He may be glorified. Isaiah 61:3

Amen, sister. As parents, let this be our vision…raising up little “Oaks of Righteousness that He may be glorified! Love love love.

Check out Kristen’s detailed list of summer goals here. She’s so inspiring.


O.K. Who have I left out? If you still want to share please comment below.

Also, two random things. One. My playlist no longer automatically plays when my blog opens. Boo. But, if you’d like to still listen, just hit play below.

And Two… I will be blogging later this week about a little discipline tool that Brent’s grandmother used as she raised her five children! So clever and it really worked for her. I have implemented. Stay tuned for details. I am excited!!

3 thoughts on “Significant Summer: Bragging On You

  1. The Lord has really guided and structured our summer! Considering we have never all been together every day during the week- I needed some structure for me and our 3 kiddos (ages 3-7). Our pastor challenged all of us to develop a personal vision for the summer and we are going to continue sharing it with each other as time goes on. Well, I took that and applied it to my summer with the kids. The headings are Relational, Spiritual, Intellectual, and Physical. I wrote down a few examples of things we could do each day under each heading: spiritual- morning devotions, bedtime prayer, and walking with God throughout the day, relational- spending time together, playdates with friends, and serving others (like my ill mother), intellectual- reading 20 minutes a day, playing brain games, physical- exercise 30 minutes a day like swimming or 'running our yard'. Becky, you helped me with this vision by your example of Jesus with your boys- I'm continuing to pray that you too will have peace with what you do get accomplished throughout your day. Just experiencing life with you and how you depend on our Lord for all things will be so significant to them. Remember what you said a few weeks ago-keep it simple! Love you so much and Happy Anniversary sister, Cynthia πŸ™‚

  2. Ha ha ha! I totally didn't expect you to post what I said, because I felt like my main goal with the kids was an epic fail! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for posting everyone's comments & links to their blogs! I've been checking them out! πŸ™‚

I means so much to hear from you!

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