When Things Are Changing

Immutable: (def) not capable of or susceptible to change

I must confess, “immutable” is not a word in my everyday lingo. And I suppose it is not a common word because it is not a common concept. Can you think of many things in your life that are not capable to change?

I can’t.

My family is in the thick of transition right now.

Are you in a season of change?

The other night a couple came over to buy our nursery furniture. I posted it on Craigslist and within days it sold. The sweetest couple came out. First baby. Young. Hard-working and a bit overwhelmed. I could tell. I stood and listened as they processed where they were going to put all of this new baby furniture when they got home. They weren’t quite ready for it all, but wanted to grab a good deal. Things were changing quickly for them. And it was causing them stress.

I don’t know if they were Christians or not, but I wanted to hug her (and lay hands on her belly – grin) and tell her that even though all around her is changing, God is always the same. Don’t fret. Be anxious for nothing. He is constant.

I read this yesterday and it encouraged my socks off. Sip your coffee and ponder this magnificent attribute of your immutable God…

“IMMUTABILITY is one of the Divine perfections which is not sufficiently pondered. It is one of the excellencies of the Creator which distinguishes Him from all His creatures. God is perpetually the same: subject to no change in His being, attributes, or determinations. Therefore God is compared to a rock (Deut 32:4, etc.) which remains immovable, when the entire ocean surrounding it is continually in a fluctuating state; even so, though all creatures are subject to change, God is immutable. Because God has no beginning and no ending, He can know no change. He is everlastingly ‘the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning’ (Jam 1:17).” – A. Pink

Fear not, nor be afraid; have I not told you from of old and declared it? And you are my witnesses! Is there a God besides me? There is no Rock; I know not any. Isaiah 44:8

This morning, make your bed on the comfort of your Rock.

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