Eat Your Peas For Mom: A Giveaway

Six years ago, I did not acknowledge Mother’s Day.

Five years ago, barely.

Four years ago, slightly…

When you loose your mama, Mother’s Day looses its meaning.

And becomes a painful day.

No one really prepared me for Mother’s day. Christmas would be hard, yes. Thanksgiving, difficult. But Mother’s Day knocked my wind out.

I am thankful for the groundbreaking truth that Jesus, heals the brokenhearted and binds up [our] wounds. Psalm 147:3

I am not over losing my mother. Never.

But the Lord has healed so much.

Today, I can talk about the day without crying. That is major improvement.

I wish I could buy a gift for my mom that would tell her how much she means to me. I wish I could recount to her all that she is and thank her for all she did.

I was a tough one to raise, I’m sure.

I can only tell Jesus, now. Maybe she’ll get word. I don’t know exactly how that works.

But I have much to be thankful for this weekend. I am thankful for my family. I celebrate my grandmother. I celebrate and honor my rockin’ mother-in-law (I love you, Vicki). I adore my mentor, Debbie (I love you, Debbie).

And I celebrate YOU, as well!

If you are a mother, hats off to you! It is no easy task raising kids. Young or old, the challenges of child-rearing are very real and, at times, daunting. Amen?

And you know how I adore these little Eat Your Peas books by Cheryl Karpen. Well, today this one can be yours:

I may not be able to tell my mama…


But you may be able to tell your mama…

I’d love to give you this book. Either for yourself or for you to give to the one woman in your life who can never be replaced.

Your sweet Mom.

This weekend I will celebrate. Not only being a mother of three amazing little rascals, but I will celebrate the woman who gave me life. She was so awesome. Classy. Fun. She could make an amazing cherry-fluff salad and was the best back scratcher. I adored her.

Today, celebrate your mama in the comment box. What is one thing (or two or three) you love about her?

Your comment will enter you to win.

The giveaway will end at midnight. The winner will be announced tomorrow!

13 thoughts on “Eat Your Peas For Mom: A Giveaway

  1. Becky – I am sure it is hard, celebrating your memories of your momma now and ur precious boys get to celebrate what a beautiful caring god sharing woman you are, love you! Tracie C.

  2. My Mom has always shared "life lessons" along the way. Some of my favorites are "never apologize for your grief. It is different for every person and everyone makes progress in their own time." Also, "the best thing you can do for your children is to keep your marriage strong and healthy." And finally, "never do, say, or write anything that you wouldn't want printed on the front page of the newspaper". I will be lifting you up in my prayers this Mother's Day, praying that you feel your Mom's love and comfort surrounding you from heaven and that your boys love on you with an extra special measure of God's grace. Thanks for your words that make me a better Mom. This blog and YOU are a blessing – even if you may not see the results first hand.

  3. Oh, I would LOVE to share this with my mom. She has been so strong through so many trials, especially the loss of her father a year ago. She takes care of her mom in a way that is so precious and sweet. She puts aside her own pain, her own plans, her own life to make her mom a priority. And, as I've struggled with depression/anxiety recently, she has been the one who cared enough to tell me to seek help, who loved me no matter how much of a mess I was, who constantly encourages me and supports me whenever I need her. I love her so much more than words could say.

  4. Becky, Thank you for reminding me how truly blessed I am to have an awesome Mom. Just when I am feeling frustrated about having to travel on Mother's Day weekend to visit my Mom (I know, very selfish – ARGH!), you put it all in perspective for me. I plan on making this an extra special Mother's Day for my wonderful Mom! Thanks beautiful friend! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! ~Robyn

  5. I too am missing my mom this Mother's Day. She has been gone for 5 years. But I know she is in my heart always! I catch myself saying or doing things like she used to. It is at those times I think with pride "I've become my mother!" šŸ™‚ I'm not sure if my husband is as thrilled with that as I am. (LOL) I cherish my memories and try to keep my son's memories of her alive. Thanks for directing my heart and mind down the road of memories. It's been a bittersweet trip.

  6. You have such beautiful things to say about your mom. I'm sure Mother's Day is so hard. My mister lost his mother over 15 years ago now, and we still miss her especially on days like this. I pray that you can enjoy Mother's Day with your boys this year!

  7. The few pages you have shared look just precious!Thank you for sharing your your heart again and again. You have no idea how uplifting it is!!! I have come to realize (though I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it!) that I don't appreciate my mother enough. You know the old saying, 'you don't know what you got till it's gone.' I would love to share this book with her!

  8. Thank you for your transparency. I have cherished my mother more this year after some scary health issues! I praise the Lord for her recovery!!

  9. My mom spent lots of time teaching my sister and I about Jesus. She taught us the books of the Bible, read Bible story books to us, bought us cassette tapes (CDs weren't around in my early days…haha!) with memory verse songs that I can still sing to this day. I took this for granted. I thought it was something every mom did…until I became a minister. My main responsibilities were working with children and youth. It broke my heart to see how many teenagers didn't know the books of the Bible, and many didn't know which books belonged in the New Testament and which in the Old Testament. I praise God for a mother who instilled a love for Jesus in my heart. I pray that I will do the same with my son and with any other children God blesses our family with along the way.

  10. My mom is one of the most amazing gifts of God I have ever experienced in my life. She is one of those extraordinary people who makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world at that moment when you are interacting. It doesn't matter if she just met you or has known you forever, she makes you feel so valued. She has an amazing heart for the Lord and exemplifies the Proverbs 31 woman – "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue…" My mom is amazingly beautiful on the outside, but it is surpassed by the incredible beauty of her heart. She walks in grace and pours out love. I simply adore her and thank God for the gift of her.

  11. It's been 11 years since I lost my mom. I think I miss her even more now than I did five years ago, probably because I am now a mom and I want to know how she did it (mothering) so gracefully. I look back and wonder how in the world she was so patient. I realize now why she didn't have the coolest clothes – because she sacrificed for us kids. I wish my mom could see me now but because her endurance of my teenage and post-college years paid off. I hope she can see that I am happily married and have two beautiful children, and that I walk with God. Peace Becky. I'll be thinking about you on Sunday. (PS – If you draw my name, please move on to the next person since my mom is in heaven and I can't take the book with me when I go šŸ™‚

  12. I'm scraping by in getting in here. ; ) It has been hard in the past to come up with things to thank my mother for honestly. God has done much healing there. She is extremely generous and loves me I know. She is now someone I treasure and adore. Happy Mother's Day to you my sweet friend. I know now more than ever to appreciate the moments we have, they don't last forever. Love you, will be praying for you this weekend.

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