If You Older Child Has A Crisis of Faith…

I thought this might be of encouragement to some of you….

As soon as Grant asked me the, “Mom, is God really real?” question, I remembered an email that I received the week PRIOR from a friend/reader, Amy.

Talk about God’s perfect timing.

She was sharing about her son, Cody, and a sweet night of growth he had in the Lord. Here is her story:

Monday night my 10-year-old was having a bit of a “crisis of faith”. He made a decision for the Lord when he was very young, so I knew that conversations like this were bound to come up. Like me, he doesn’t remember the decision, but he knows he made it. He loves the Lord and considers Him a huge part of his life. But the other night, he was struggling with really feeling like He was real. He said that he knows He’s real, because that’s what he has always known, but it’s so hard to really feel it when he can’t see Him.

We had a lengthy conversation. I was honest with him and said that I’ve had moments (of doubt), too. I told him of a time when I was in college (Bible school, even!) and was going through that. I encouraged Cody to seek God ~ to pray and read the Bible, asking God to speak to Him. I told Him of scriptures that say that when we seek Him we will find Him. I also told him that the Psalms are great during times like that.

About 30 minutes later, he came into my room and plopped his Bible down on my desk, with it opened to Psalm 34. Of course it has all those marvelous verses like, “I sought the LORD, and he answered me, Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD” and others that have to do with calling to the Lord and Him hearing. It was really cool! Then I showed him my favorite (Psalm 27), and then he skipped over to Psalm 20. That’s when I sorta freaked him out, because I starting singing “The Blessing Song” unexpectedly! Anyways, I thought you’d enjoy that story of how God worked in my boy’s life! He is so good! 🙂

Isn’t that amazing? The Holy Spirit moved in Amy’s house that night. He confirmed in Cody’s spirit that His Word is truth, that God is real and when you seek God he may be found.

I thought this to be so insightful for those of you who have older kiddos with questions. The Word is living and active to them as they knock, seek and find.

2 thoughts on “If You Older Child Has A Crisis of Faith…

  1. Aw, thanks for posting this! I'm so proud of my boy for pressing on & seeking God! I know that God will use his experience to help others who struggle with doubt!

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