"Mom, Is God Really Real?"

Yesterday afternoon, Grant stopped me as I was carrying a basket of laundry down the steps.

“Hey Mom, there is something I’ve been thinking about.”

I was past the playroom, so I turned around and set my basket down at the top of the steps.

“What is it, buddy?”

He stood in front of the entertainment center, playing Super Mario Brothers – “I keep wandering, Is God really real? I mean, what if all the people who aren’t Christians are right?”


*Pick jaw off floor*

Did he just really ask me that? While playing Wii?

“Well. Those are really good questions. I want to talk to you more about it. But not when you are playing Wii.”

He snickered, “Yeah. OK.”

I went down stairs and sent a text to Brent. “Call me when your meeting is over.”

I stood over my sink snapping beans, “God, this is big. He is growing up and thinking more for himself. I want to answer correctly and represent you well. I need help. Speak through me, Lord.”

Immediately, God confirmed:

Take him to My Word.

“Yes, Sir.”

The Lord brought several passages to my mind. Most pressing on my heart was Luke 8:4-15. The parable of the sower.

Maybe it was the beans.

I felt very impressed by the Holy Spirit to pray protection over all the seed sown into Grant’s little heart.

Lord, do not allow the enemy to steal Your Word from his heart (v. 12), I pray the roots of your Word would run deep (v.13) and that the cares of this world would never stunt his growth (v.14). Lord, in faith I say, his heart is good soil. Grant hears the Word and holds fast to it. His heart is honest and good. He bears fruit with patience. (v.15)”

Would you take a minute to pray this over your child?

When Brent called back and we talked about a few things I might want to mention.

At dinner, Grant came down to the table.

Rather nonchalantly, “O.K. Tell me again…what questions did you have earlier?”

Those big brown eyes looking up to me, “Well, I can’t help but think, what if God isn’t real. What about all the people who don’t believe in Him? What if they are right and we are wrong?”

I took time to encourage him. Such big thinking for a little guy. He is only seven.

With one hand on my Bible, I said, “God gives us every answer. He tells us everything we need to know in His Word.”

Grant starts, “Well, sometimes I think” … and he starts to cry. … “what if the Bible isn’t true, either.”

“Do you think it’s true?”

I do think its true. But what if I’m wrong?”

Well, You’re not. The Bible says that “All Scripture is God‑breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. “2 Timothy 3:16. God wrote His Word to us. Do you remember when you asked Jesus into your heart?”


“And who came to live in you?”

“God. Well, actually the Holy Spirit. Same thing.”

“Yes. And the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit testifies (or tells us) that He is true. That His Word is true. (1 John 5:6)

Sometimes believing in God is hard to put into words, isn’t it? Its something that we just know. That’s because God lives in us. He confirms it in our heart.”

Grant and I talked for over an hour. He asked several amazing questions:

“How can God make us Christians but not everybody? What about the non- Christians?”
“Why would God create an angel if He knew he would eventually be the Devil?”
“Why would Adam and Eve sin if they had it so good?”
“What is hell like?”
“How do I tell people about Jesus?”
“What does it mean to be tempted by the Devil?”
“Why would God make us if He knew we would sin?”
“How do we know if God is real? I’ve never seen Him.”

Over and hour to say the least.

I want to share all that we talked about. But there is no way I could do it in one post. Stay tuned.

And pray for my little Grant. Who is obviously not so little anymore.

He is growing and such an eager learner!

I am learning so much, too. I see my need for God’s imparted wisdom. I can’t answer these on my own. No way.

Love to you all.

5 thoughts on “"Mom, Is God Really Real?"

  1. Oh friend! Thank you for being so open, so honest and so loving with your faith and your struggles. As I pray for Grant, and for you, I am thanking Him for you! I am praying that God will protect Grant's little mind against the evil one and that He will strengthen Grant with HIS own words.Love you friend

  2. Becky, this is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it. My Hannah, who is now 9 had a similar encounter when she was around age 6. I have a 6 year old now that does not seem to be near as seeking as Hannah was at that age. I think it is so important to do as you obviously are, not only teaching our children the way of the Lord with our words and God's Word, but also living so closely with God in every step we take that clearly even playing the WII God was on Brent's mind. That's a beautiful Mommy moment!Nikki Pickens

  3. God has a great plan for Grant, Becky. I can tell with doubt trying to be put in his mind at such a young age. I teared up as I prayed that prayer over my kids. Praying for you and me that as we are faced with these questions, the Holy Spirit will give us the answers to speak to their hearts.

  4. precious boy! I love him so much and love his heart for God and most of all to seek it out ON HIS OWN! We pray that all of our students (and children!) will OWN their faith and not accept it because that is what their parents say or make them go to church, etc. Love you! Praying for the Holy Spirit to speak to his little heart!

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