Dare to Love: Day One

You Can Lead Your Heart

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2

“Moment by moment our culture bombards us with different messages about love. ‘Follow your heart’ is the default advice of many books, movies, songs, plays and television. Sound familiar? Yes, but it is wrong nonetheless.”

“Following our hearts would be good if our hearts were always loving, in tune with God and directed toward the right thing. Every area of your life is impacted by the direction of your heart. It follows your investments.” – S. Kendrick, The Love Dare

Our heart follows our investment.

Isn’t that the opposite of what our culture promotes? Doesn’t that seem backwards?

But its true. Jesus says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

I need not be led by my heart. Jeremiah 17:9 says, “My heart is deceitful above all things.” When left to myself, apart from the God’s Word, apart from the Holy Spirit’s work in my heart, I am capable of hurting someone. Namely, my husband.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Luke 6:45

What is in your heart?

“But you can lead your heart. You can learn to guide your heart by investing daily in your spouse, and your spouse can become your treasure. If you are not in love with your spouse today, it may be because you stopped investing in your spouse yesterday.” – The Love Dare.

A Love Dare: Day One

“Although love is communicated in a number of ways, our words often reflect the condition of our heart. For the next day, resolve to demonstrate patience and to say nothing negative to your spouse at all. If the temptation arises, choose not to say anything. It’s better to hold your tongue that to say something you’ll regret.”

Wow. Will you join us in this challenge? Brent and I are doing this. We actually started yesterday, but we hardly saw each other. It is easy to demonstrate patience to someone you aren’t around. So today it’s on.

Are you in?

Leave a comment if you are doing this with us. Invite a friend or another couple to join you. This is only an eight day challenge. YOU CAN DO IT. Let us know. We want to pray for you.

Lord, I thank you for marriage. Help us to invest daily in our spouse and to view him or her as a treasure. Hold our tongue when tempted to speak negativity. Let our words bring life to dark places, Lord. We love you and we commit to You our marriages. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Giveaway Winner!!

Congrats to Nina Esmark as the winner of the Dare to Love booklet!

Wow! You all did amazing. There will be more giveaways to come. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Dare to Love: Day One

  1. Becky and Brent: It is James and Felicia: We read all of the dare to love blogs up to this point and are starting with Day one today. We are excited to do this and build and strengthen our marriage. Thank you for doing this and shining your light for Christ. We feel the light in Florida!

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