Avoiding the HoliDAZE

This weekend, as I worked the yard sale, watching complete strangers in my driveway, sifting through my clothes, baby socks, old books and Blues Clues videos, I listened to Life 88.3, our local Christian music station.

Every day they host a “Minute with Vonette Bright.” (Vonette was married to Bill Bright -the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ – amazing people).

Her word was about the upcoming Holidays.

She said that we must make a choice:

Will we allow this season to be Holy-days or Holi-daze.

Daze: state of confusion and unclear thinking.

Nerve struck.

It is safe to say that this season can be very overwhelming for all of us.

But why?

Why is it that I can not just take it easy, enjoy the season and love on my family?

Well, after a morning of sober reflection, I recognize that I can allow culture to claim my holiday. Instead of Christ.

So today, November 15, 2010, I stomp my size 7 and say – this season belongs to Christ. This year He gets it back.

Vonette suggests the first thing we do is make Christ the center of every activity.


Pray. Simplify.

Say no to excess and yes to Jesus.

I have much to say about this.

But for today, let’s spend some time prayerfully considering Vonette’s advice.

Think through years past and this season to come. How can we simplify? How can we make Christ the center of every single thing we do?

How can we say yes to Him and no to excess?

How can you make the next six weeks Holy-days for you and your family?

I can’t believe it is upon us already!

I’d love to hear from you on this.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory! Isaiah 6:3

5 thoughts on “Avoiding the HoliDAZE

  1. Hmmm…This is such a good word, because I do way more than I really NEED to do! I definitely need to simplify. I always have way too much on my plate during this season. I need to take time to prayerfully consider our activities. Thank you!

  2. You know, the first thing my husband & I decided before we even had our first child was that we did not want Christmas to become about Santa & commercialism. We wanted to focus to be on Christ & one of the ways for us was limiting the number of gifts our child received from us. (Sorry, no Santa in our home.) We decided 3 was the limit – 1 "big" gift & 2 smaller ones & a few stocking stuffers. We would not go over $100 total. (I am making his "big" gift this year, too – a repurposed end table into a kitcen play set.) We also read the true Christmas story out of the Bible on Christmas Eve. It is very hard to simplify during this time of year but it is possible. This season is about our Lord & Savior & I pray we show our child that through all our actions.

  3. I have two nativity sets on my end table. We do talk of Santa as the fun part of Christmas, but we also tell our grandchildren about Jesus' birth and the REAL IMPORTANCE AND MEANING OF CHRISTMAS! That it is a big birthday party for Jesus, but we get the gifts. And isn't that just like Jesus because He gave the greatest GIFT of all–Himself–for us.The Nativity scene set the stage for the real meaning of Christmas and we also enjoy the fantasy of Santa. They know the difference. And then because we are on a fixed income, we only buy for the grandchildren because that is all our income allows. It is a blessing in disguise, because we do not fret and enjoy the REASON FOR the SEASON! And I love the song: Jesus, Worth is the Lamb, that played in the background as I commented. Thank you for your testimony on this blog.

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