What Mommy Learned From Upward Soccer

Two years ago, we enrolled Ethan into preschool. A two day a week program – Godly teachers, Gospel centered, safe and fun.

However, if you watched us trying to take Ethan into the classroom you would have thought we were signing him up for prison. Torture.

He would cry, kick, scream, pull hair, hold my leg, and even pull my shorts down, trying to stay on mommy’s side of that latched door.

It was hard. For everybody.

I thought, “This kid is never going to be socially right. He will be the boy who never makes friends or eye contact. He will grow old, having an unhealthy attachment to his mother. Living at home until he’s thirty.”

Well, was I ever wrong.

The Lord has heard our every prayer and is growing Ethan out of his shell and into a little man.

A leader, at that.

Fast forward to Saturday. Upward soccer.

I love watching four-year-olds on the field. What joy.

40% playing soccer, 10% going the wrong way, 50% blowing dandelions. 100% having fun.

I could learn a lot from these kids.

But Saturday, we played a team that may have been four in age, but were fourteen in skill. All of them freaks of athletic nature. Upward Soccer stars. And they were all on the same team.

Head to head with our little loves. It was difficult to watch.

As soon as our white jersey’s would get a hold of the ball, a lighting bolt of orange would kick it away, hard. And score. Almost every time.

And Ethan, my sweet little Ethan, was ticked. No other way to say it. Cleat stomping, grass kicking ticked.

He couldn’t win. He couldn’t advance. He would barely make 10 dribbles down the field before the ball was kicked out from under him.

Mama Bear was getting angry.

Yes, I know it’s Upward Soccer, but that’s my baby. He was being pushed around, dominated and defeated.

And for the first time in four years, I could not step in to comfort him. It was his game. His experience. All I could do was stand on the sideline and cheer him on. Encourage him. Pray.


Isn’t this what we are moving towards?

Training up our children the way they should go – Proverbs 22:6. Giving them the skills to handle hardship. Pointing them to the Word. Teaching them how to pray for themselves. Looking for Christ in every situation. Living lives above reproach. Training them for godliness (Titus 4:7). In hopes that when the time comes, they will be ready.

On their own.

Sooner than later, its just going to be Ethan and the Lord walking this thing out.

And mommy will be on the sidelines. Praying. Encouraging. Cheering him down the field of life.

Holding her breath? Maybe. But trusting the Lord completely.

Because, really, Ethan is just mine for a season. As are all my boys.

On loan from the Lord. Entrusted to me for a short time.

In him we live and move and have our being…For we are his offspring. It is he who made us, and we are his. Acts 17:28, Psalm 100:3

I am proud of our team. They really handled themselves with great sportsmanship, positivity and grace. I don’t know that I can say the same for myself 😉

So thanks Upward Soccer for all you are teaching my boys….and me.

4 thoughts on “What Mommy Learned From Upward Soccer

  1. This made me cry this morning Becky, you are so right, they are only ours for a little while and then they have to make their own choices, no matter how hard it is to watch..Love you girl.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Becky. I'm reading this thinking, this is exactly me at soccer on Saturday! ON THEIR OWN. WOW! What a big job we have raising these precious children! I'm glad we have HIS help!Thanks for all you are teaching me….

  3. Awe, so sweet…love the Mommy lessons, Lord! Thank you for letting us steward these sweet kids, God! And I am trusting in His GRACE to be sufficient! Thanks, Becky!

  4. I love those Mommy lessons! Thanks to God for allowing us to steward and teach and love these kids…and I am trusting in His all-sufficient grace as I learn…what a process! Thanks, Becky!

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