Romania, Africa and Little Romance

Cali –
My friend from church. She and her husband are about to up and move to Romania. She will live in a one-room house, cut her own firewood to heat her one-room home, grow her own food and kill her own chickens. Oh, and they have two, preschool age children. Did I mention their house will be one room?

All this is to share Jesus is Romania.

I bet she wanted to puke after she read my “Obsession with Target” post. Perspective. She is thankful they will have running water.

She will find new meaning in the Proverbs 31 woman. She will be watching over the affairs of her household in a whole new way. Getting up while it is still dark; providing food for her family and not eating the bread of idleness. (Proverbs 31:37)

Who has time to meander at Target when there are chickens to behead? I love it.

I am super challenged.

My mentor
Debbie has a category in her budget, set apart, for spontaneous Spirit-led giving. She wants to have money, on hand, to give. No “I don’t have any cash on me” obstacles. Nothing restraining her. She longs to obey the Father quickly with her finances.

This is not religion. This is romance.

Because she loves Him – she gives.

I am super challenged.

Cortney –
My sweet friend, adopting from Ethiopia. She is raising money to bring her baby girl home by selling T-shirts on her blog. I want one. But I don’t need to be spending her “bringing the baby home” money in the dollar isle at Target. I do this, you know. Nickel and dime my budget. And then when something important comes up, like bringing a baby home from Africa, I think, “Do I have an extra twenty dollars?!” The answer is yes… you did. Three trips to Target ago.

I am super challenged.

BTW – Cortney, I bought one this morning. Thank you for allowing us to take part in caring for the orphans. (James 1:27)

Do you see what the Lord is showing me?

I really am a pretty good steward.

But God deserves more than my “pretty good.”

Lord, mold me into an excellent steward.

Above reproach.

Being a Spirit-led spender.

And Giver.

This is not religion…

This is romance.

2 thoughts on “Romania, Africa and Little Romance

  1. Becky–Just wanted to let you know that I did want to puke when I read your Target post. Not because of your obsession, but because I was also majorly convicted of my own struggles with discontentment even now. Sin in my life is just so ugly! I must decrease….HE MUST INCREASE! Thanks for bringing the Truth of God's Word to my life!

  2. Wow Becky – thank you so much (and not just for buying one of my t-shirts – though thank you for that too)! I feel like I am constantly trying to simplify so that I can see my Father more clearly, trying to weed out the junk and clutter (not just in the physical realm) so that there is nothing "between" me and the Lord. This is such an area of struggle for me too. With my time, my heart, my money. I am so selfish and I feel like HE has been talking and talking to me about this and showing me more and more ways in which I live to please myself (even in my goodness.) Thank you for your honesty and your boldness in sharing and also in seeking after God's desire of you. I love it!

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