Tale of the Thrift Store Bunny

I have hinted every Mother’s day, birthday and Valentine’s Day, for the past four years, that I want a stuffed animal from Build-A-Bear. I love the thought of my little boys picking out a soft shell, kissing three little hearts, stuffing a puppy, bear or bunny with lots of white fluff. I can just see their little hands giving it a pretend bath, brushing its fur and giving it a name.

I have even walked into Build-A-Bear with my family, pointed to a few bears and said,”I really like these!”

To no avail.

It’s not that Brent is negligent; he just has other holiday gift ideas.

But one evening this past spring, the family and I went shopping at the Knox Area Rescue Mission. I love this place. Thrift store heaven.

While looking through the discount Easter decor, I spotted him. Rugged and tattered. Covered up by broken egg holders and straw baskets. A bunny. A Build-A-Bear bunny. Sweet. A bit sad.

And only 75 cents.


“Is that for me, Mom?”

No comment.

“Who are you getting that for, Mommy?”

“I’m not sure, yet.”

Liar. I did know. He was for me. And, yes, I was a little embarrassed to admit this to my four-year-old.

A 75 cent bunny. All mine.

And I had big plans for this little guy.

When I got him home, I threw him in the wash. Added lots of Gain. And extra fabric softener. I fluffed him in the dryer….straightened his ears.

And placed him in the center of my bed. His new home.

I think about Bunny (that’s his name….very unoriginal), and wonder …what is his story?

Who made him? Who picked out his heart and stuffed him with white fluff? Who gave him a pretend bath? What was his name?

Who, overtime, found him undesirable? Who cleaned out the closet one day and thought it appropriate to place him in a black garbage bag? Who sent him to the mission?

Such rejection.

Poor Bunny 🙂

I understand his story. I understand rejection. I understand feeling undesirable. I understand suffocation in a world of “better thans.” Being tossed out by this world. I understand feeling inadequate and unworthy. I understand feeling thrown out.

I also understand Rescue.

I understand being pulled from the muck. Being found under piles of brokenness and debris. I understand adoption. I understand being washed in water, Living Water. Being placed in a seat of honor….and given a new name.

No matter how sad or rejected you feel, there is a place of honor for you. A second chance. A new home. A new name.

A warm place to lay your head.

An embrace.

A new family.

If you have any uncertainty of the Father’s love for you, know this….He is crazy about you.

He desires you. He sees your beauty. He created you.

He placed in you a heart to beat for Him.

He gave you breath.

He chose you before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined you to be adopted through Jesus Christ. – Ephesians 1:4

He set out on a Rescue Mission all His own. Looking for you.

Will you be found in Him today?

I’d love to talk to you more … becky.crenshaw@uscm.org

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