Random Conversation

Tuesday morning, little Grant and I were driving home from Kentucky. It was so good to have that time with just him. Having three boys, alone time is rare.

Lunch was approaching and the “golden arches” continued to grace exit signs. Mile and mile again. “Mom, can we stop? Please? I am starving.”

Confession – I am a fast food snob. If it ain’t Chick-fil-a then I ain’t stoppin’. But remember, I just had minor surgery on my jaw. Food was way down on my priority list.

Finally, I exited and pulled thru at McDonald’s. And Grant was ecstatic.

One hamburger Happy Meal for a boy, an orange Hi-C and an Iron Man toy later, we hit the road.

With his mouth full of burger Grant said, “This is the third best day of my life.”

*Smile* “Really?! What were the first two?”

“The first was the day I asked Jesus into my heart. The second was the day I learned to tie my shoes. And the third is today.”


“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”Angela Schwindt

I’d love to hear a random quote or sweet moment you’ve had lately.

Peek in on other Caffeinated Randomness.

Happy Friday!

11 thoughts on “Random Conversation

  1. That is one of the CUTEST things ever πŸ™‚ What a sweetie. I am so with you on the chick-fil-a thing. If I were to ever move there would have to be a chick-fil-a near by…otherwise the place is just not worth living ;)Have a great weekend! Oh and nice to meet you through CR….love your blog design and your song. I ❀ David Crowder…and the song never ceases to make me tear up.

  2. One night at prayertime, before bed, Tom and I asked Scott and Carson what they wanted to thank god for. Scotty hugged me really tight and said "I thank God for you mommy". Oh be still my heart…. Then Carson thanked God for his bed, curtains, room, pillows, blankies, pets…

  3. Hey Becky, that is so sweet! I have to say that Luke is the king of randomness. We will just be driving down the road and talking about something and he will just say something completely random. And I will just say, "Another random thought by Luke". One random thing that comes to mind is something Joe said when I was pregnant with Sarah. I had told him and he didn't say anything. Then about a week later we were eating in a restaurant and he said "I am going to have a baby sister!" rather loud too! : ) We didn't even know if it was a boy or girl then. I love random thoughts and sweet moments.

  4. oh my – now that is just the sweetest thing ever. My 7yr old gets crazy excited about stuff like that and would totally consider a day the best day ever that I wouldn't even remember!! But I mean – hey, I remember when I first learned how to tie my shoes too.Have a great weekend!!Stef

  5. How sweet and adorable! I love alone time with my kids, too.Hmm..we've been having issues at night getting the 6 year old to go to bed. He gets so scared. A few nights ago he looked at me with utter devestation and said "Mama, I am just going to miss you SO BAD when I'm an adult". He has a way of melting my heart, nearly every day.Thanks for doing CR today, hope you have a great weekend.:)Erinhttp://homeswheremyheartis.blogspot.com

  6. Just this afternoon at lunch, my youngest was trying to scoot closer to her older sister. Older sister started moving away. Young sis started to look sad. Older sis actually noticed and then scooted closer to younger sis. That was a sweet moment for mom, too!Thanks for sharing your sweet story!

  7. How sweet! My boy is sweet like that! I'm sure there's something more recent, but the only thing that comes to mind was one day a few years ago. My son was about 6 & he gave me a picture of a heart that he colored with every color available. He told me that all of the colors in the rainbow are the colors he sees in me! πŸ™‚

  8. Now that? Is precious. Absolutely darling.I am also a HUGE fast food snob and we are regulars at Chick-Fil-A. So funny to read of someone else like me!What a gift you had to have one-on-one time with your little guy. When I have that time with one of my mine, I find that it so strengthens our relationship. Priceless words!

  9. Oh my goodness… he is just the sweetest thing ever! πŸ™‚ It is funny how often I hear about Chick-Fil-A around blogs. I have never been to one, but they must be pretty darn good!! ~Jennifer

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