Random 3×5 Card

Not long ago, I really blew up at the kids.

Blew up.
Once the kids were in bed, I sat, broken before the Lord, Bible in my lap, asking Him for forgiveness.
He led me straight to this verse.
It was a gentle rebuke. I deserved much harsher. “Whatever happens,” Becky. No matter how disobedient your children, how loud their volume, how long they ignore your instruction, or how angry you become, “Whatever happens, conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Gospel.”
“Yes Sir.”
The next morning, I pulled Grant to me and read him this verse. “Grant, I’m sorry I got so angry. Mommy was not conducting herself worthy of the Gospel. I asked God to forgive me. Will you?”
Of course he did…that sweet little man.
This was a big night for me as a mother. Coming from a long line of “yellers”, it was a stake in the ground. A turning point for me and, prayerfully, generations to follow.

I wear this ring to remind me of this moment. Of this verse.
This is all hard to confess. But I have a feeling I am not alone.
In everything, I want to live a life worthy of the Gospel of Jesus. In everything.

Whatever happens.

5 thoughts on “Random 3×5 Card

  1. Ahhhh…this verse is going up on my chalkboard in the kitchen TODAY! Thanks for the sweet reminder (and sweet, gentle rebuke! šŸ™‚ )

  2. Yep, you are not alone Becky. At one time or another every mom in the world loses her cool. You are just brave enough to share. Thanks for the reminder from our gentle loving father. He wants to give us peace & patience & hearts just like his.

  3. You are not alone. I needed to hear this today and have the reminder. How can I expect to raise children who live their lives worthy of the Gospel if I am not striving for that in my own life? BTW, Becky I am a friend of Amy Davis' and I'm sure we have many other mutual friends. I think we met at church many years ago, but I would love to re-meet (I'm sure this is not a word) you. I have been enjoying your blog all summer. The Lord is using it to speak into my life and I appreciate your honesty and the encouragement.

  4. What a great word! I have definitely been there & apologized, but this is a great scripture to remember and to share with the kids (especially after I've messed up!)

  5. Thank-you for sharing!! It is SSSOOOO hard to apologize to our children- but what a great example of God working in your heart- one that you & your little boy won't easily forget… seeing his mommy humble herself & admit she was wrong!! Blessings today,Jessica

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