Preaching to the Choir

I need to read my own blogs.

“Summertime Sanity”

Those words are mocking me over there on the left side of the screen 🙂

The last word I would use to describe the past few days is “sane.” My boys are all but clawing each other’s eyes out. And I am all out of creativity.

So this morning I am re-reading the Summertime Sanity series and re-enventing these last TWO AND A HALF weeks of summer. Wow. That is sobering.

So, if you would humor me, feel free to listen in while I preach to myself a moment…


*smack smack*

Snap out of it.

This season is short. There will NEVER be another summer where your boys are 23-months, four and seven-years-old. You will NOT pick little-bitty, teeny-tiny Legos up out of the floor forever! In a couple of months, you will LONG to have a lazy summer day. It is blazing hot, yes, but the boys love going to the pool. It is worth the effort.

Don’t lose sight.

Are you listening?

Get into the Word every morning with the boys. You are getting lazy. You, my dear, are to be an example for them. When Mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy. You’ve been a grump. Where’s the JOY? Preach the gospel to yourself, girl. You are blessed beyond measure. Christ died for you while you were still a sinner. You are lavished by His grace. The apple of His eye. You are FULL of His Spirit. Empowered with the resurrected power of Christ. Don’t let the enemy wear you out.

Engage with your boys. Hug ’em. Kiss ’em. Get in the floor and play. Pull out a board game. Step away from the TV. Plan a mommy date with the boys. They love it. Think ahead. Two and a half weeks. That’s it. Then it’s over. You can’t get it back.

Enjoy every last minute.

Now, hop to it… 🙂

Lord God. Forgive me for living in a constant state of frustration the past couple of days. Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for your Word. It is life. I pray you would give me vision for these last days of summer. Thank you for long, sunny days and hands sticky with Popsicle. Thank you for the smell of sunscreen and cold watermelon. I rejoice in You. You are my JOY.

2 thoughts on “Preaching to the Choir

  1. I feel ya! I think I need to get off the computer & play a game with my kids! Thanks for the reminder that this time is short!!

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