Random, Random, Random

You are going to laugh.

The other day I was reading a Christian blog I really like called Under Grace Over Coffee. Every Friday she does what she calls “Caffeinated Randomness” where she will post something random about herself, her week, pictures, thoughts, etc.

This got me thinking….I can be very random.

The Lord gets a BIG kick out of me, I’m sure.

Here are a few random things about me….Don’t laugh too hard.

1. A lot happens while I flat iron my hair. I pray really loud in my bathroom. While flat ironing my hair. Sometimes I do squats while flat ironing my hair. And I stretch while flat ironing my hair. (Crazy, I know) Did I mention how LOUD I pray?

2. I really do sometimes dance around my kitchen, in my bathrobe, before the boys wake up. The other day my song of choice was Marvelous Light, by Charlie Hall. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t contain myself. Had to dance.

3. We found a waffle in our TV armoire this morning. Also a Hot Wheel in Brent’s shoe. Could have been worse.

4. I am ALL about Chris Tomlin’s new song “Our God is Greater.” I get many stares at red lights while listening to it.

5. My little Ethan asked Jesus into his heart this week. HUGE. Blog to come on this momentous night.

6. I like the smell of skunk. Kind of reminds me of coffee. And coffee makes me think of Jesus. So would I go so far to say that skunk makes me think of Jesus? Wow. Is that a logical syllogism?

7. I am crazy in love with Jesus. Absolutely crazy about Him.

8. Scripture I’m clinging to today….Psalm 140:7 O Sovereign Lord, my strong deliverer, [He] shields my head in the day of battle. He protects our minds. Mmm.

9. Prayer changes me.

10. There is always a season of WAIT before harvest. Always.

Feel free to share your own randomness…

9 thoughts on “Random, Random, Random

  1. I dropped by from CR! Oh my goodness ~ we are SO much alike!! I could pretty much relate to everything you listed out!! Yay for randomness!

  2. Oh my, girlfriend! I get a BIG kick out of you, too! Skunk? Really?!? BTW, Jackson loves "Our God is Greater", too! He just started singing it the other day! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Girl, I SO want to be more like you! Praying loud while doing hair…so great! I love your heart and I want more of Jesus because I see your passion for Him! THANK YOU! You are hilarious, and I am SURE you make God smile with your randomness…LOVE IT! BTW, I am stealing your #10 for my next status! ; )

  4. I am so excited that your Ethan accepted Jesus!!! That is awesome! I still remember when my Ethan did – and it still makes me cry. :PI am so glad you joined us this week!

  5. Yeah Ethan…the angels are dancing sweetheart! I LOL about the skunk and coffee. I feel that way about freshly manured fields too. Smiles and a great weekend to ya!

  6. What a great blog you have! Great to "meet" you via CR!Oh what a blessing – nothing is better than when a little one accepts Christ. The angels ARE dancing!!!!!The Chris Tomlin song is my current fave, too – love it, love it!Have a great weekend!

  7. I LOOOOVE your blog! Though I've only commented once, I read every post. The Lord uses you to encourage me more than you know. 😉 I dance too & "Our God" is awesome. It's very hard to teach a 3 year old about self-control when Mommy loses herself whenever it comes on! Ha!

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