"What goes into the heart…"

It’s not everyday that I can say my six-year-old schooled me on the Bible, but today, I’m sayin’ it. Blog noteworthy and so cute. The story goes like this…

Yesterday, the boys and I were loading up to go to the pool. After loading and loading and loading all of our bags and towels and toys and snacks and floats into the van, I turn around and say, “OK! Let’s buckle and go!”

Ethan, in his whinniest voice says, “I want you to buckle me.”
“No, E. You are old enough to buckle yourself. Come on.”
(read this in an escalated whine)”I want you to buckle me.”
“Ethan. Buckle up, buddy. We’re leaving.”
(read this in squeaky whiny) “You buckle.”
“Ethan. Crenshaws are not lazy. You can buckle yourself. Now. Buckle. Up.”

Grant chimes in…
“Yeah Ethan. You don’t want to be like ‘Slacker’ in the Bibleman movie. Remember, Proverbs 18:9 says, A person who is slack in his work is just like a person who destroys.”

I promise I’m not making this up.

I have never taught him that verse a day in my life – and I’m the one studying Proverbs this summer! Oh well. Thanks Bibleman 🙂

Who is Bibleman you ask? Bibleman is a Christian super hero who slays the forces of evil with the Sword of the Spirit…The Word of God. “Slacker” is an evil villain who “stays awake long enough to disrupt the lives of impressionable kids.” If it sounds a bit cheesy, it is. Some would argue very cheesy. Like, “I’m not purchasing that because it’s so cheesy” cheesy. But you know… little kids are cheesy, too. Have you ever heard a six-year-old make up a knock knock joke? Cheesy! But precious. Innocent and corny. And I love it.

Grant’s Bibleman moment got my wheels to spinnin’. Talk about sponge-like, impressionable little brains. I was so thankful in that moment for the impression that Bibleman had made. I was also very aware at just how much their minds can retain and the opportunity I, as a mom, have to capitalize on it!

I’m remembering of our local radio station’s little slogan, “What goes into the heart comes out in a life.” Thanks Life 88.3…So very true.

I have said it before, I am very guarded over what my boys hear, watch, read, etc. We even walk on the opposite side of the mall, away from the Victoria Secret store, when shopping. My boys are just not even close to being ready for all of that. But I am also dead set on filling their little minds with as much Jesus as I can, as well. THIS IS OUR CHANCE MOMMIES! This summer is such an opportunity to feed their sweet little minds with the things of God. Any chance that we get to let them watch, read or listen to something rich….let’s jump on it. Even if it’s a bit cheesy.

There are a few staple items in the Crenshaw home that I can not speak of highly enough. So I thought I’d share…..

First, I thought you’d get a kick out of my two little Biblemen. I tell you, they love it. Bibleman is also a great fix for the Star Wars lover. (Note…Luke climbing on the couch in the background. He looks hilarious!)

It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. And someone always gets hurt.

Bibleman gets hungry, too.

Get ready for the Bibleman movie!….I’m telling you, cheesy. But Grant is memorizing Scripture and learning some sound Biblical truths. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

OK. By far, my FAVORITE children’s Bible story books. I heart this series. Hats off to Ella Lindvall. Once again, my wise friend, Stacey, recommended them to my friend Laura years ago, Laura told me, now I’m telling you. OH MY! Fabulous. I remember Laura said, “These books are written in such a way that my boys just get it.” So true.

I am fascinated by the art. They really are beautiful books. These are great for preschool aged kids but also great for early readers. There is also a little devotional at the end of each story. There are four volumes total. They are called Read Aloud Bible Stories, by Ella Linvall.

My friend, Lesli, gave these next books as a baby gift when Luke was born. She said that she grew up reading them and likes to buy them if she can find them to give as gifts. I am SO glad she did. My kids love them. These books are better for say, kindergarten and up. They are uniquley written in that each story is a child’s prayer to God. Very real. Very authentic little prayers. Each prayer deals with day to day issues that little kids face. Each prayer is based off a verse in Scripture, as well. Love these.
These books are by Elspeth Campbell Murphy and were a series put our by Guideposts. Long out of print. Total Amazon purchase. Some titles include, Sometimes I Get Scared, What Can I Say to You, God?, Everybody Shout Hallelujah!

The Hide ’em in you Heart CD sets by Steve Green are awesome, awesome, awesome. These can still be purchased at a local Christian bookstore, I’m sure. (I bought this one used). Now listen, I have learned just a much from these CDs as my boys. If I forget a fruit of the Spirit, don’t you know I’m going to break out into a jingle to remember it. These are fab. I highly recommend them. My boys have committed several verses to memory thanks to these little treasures.

OK! Your turn. I would love to know some staples in your home! I need fresh ideas and I’d love knowing that they are tried and true. Leave a comment and give us details! For example, my friend, Debra, told me of a great CD called Slugs, Bugs and Lullaby’s. She says the songs are fun, silly and memorable. (Debra – did I say that right? Who was the artist?)

Especially if you have older kids! I have no idea what is good for the next season. Also, if you have girls! Any suggestions from some of you girlie mommies to another? Do share!

I can’t wait to have some fresh ideas!

Love love love you all.

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things. Philippians 4:8

10 thoughts on “"What goes into the heart…"

  1. We love "Hide em in Your Heart"! We actually have the CD and DVD pack. Oh my I think the DVD was produced in 1989. Steve Green sports some light washed tapered jeans pulled up to his nipples with a belted polo and some of the kids clothes and girls hairdo's will absolutely crack you up. Annie doesn't notice of course and she sings these verses all the time! We love it!Slugs, Bugs and Lullaby's is by Andrew Peterson. Very fun.We also love "Bullfrogs and Butterflies" CDs. You can order them online. Great Biblical truths. There is even one CD dedicated to the Fruit of the Spirit. Annie just turned 5 and is already making comments and questioning whether what she is wearing makes her look pretty or not. She wants to know if what she is wearing is something a 6-year-old would wear. Wow! She is barely 5, not even started school yet and already wanting to grow up faster and be like the older kids. Amazing… and heart-breaking in some ways. We encourage her as much as we verbally can in what the true definition and determination of beauty is and pray it is sinking in her heart. She loves the Gigi, God's Little Princess series of books and DVDs. They are cute and very age appropriate and obviously focus on the importance of these spiritual truths as well.

  2. Posted on facebook from Lesli herself! I thought I'd share!! – BeckyFrom Lesli:So glad y'all love those books! They are good teachers. I am going to have to get me some Bibleman, girl! Another in the "over the top cheesy but the kids love it" department is the Miss Patty Cake video series. This lady is basically a female talking Ronald McDonald who loves to sing songs and tell stories about Jesus. My 2 yr old loooooves … See Moreher and my 5 yr old can be "caught" many times enjoying her. And Dean and I know ALL the songs;-) For the older ones, we have another set of Bible stories that we love. Sadly out of print, but can be found on amazon or ebay. The Maxi and Mini Muffin Series by V. Gilbert Beers, illustrated by Helen Endres. They do a Maxi and Mini "real life" story that mirrors a Bible story, so they read the the Bible story one day and then the real life story the next. We grew up on these and my kids love them, too! Some titles are "Through Golden Windows," "Under the Tagalong Tree," & "With Sails to the Wind."

  3. In our home, we have loved the Jesus Storybook Bible. It is mostly the well known and loved stories of the Bible, but at the end of each story it relates it to Jesus. It clearly shows how the Bible is so connected and how Jesus is the "one to come" and the fulfillment of the Old Testament. Also, the illustrations are precious and wonderful. Andrew Peterson has read from this Bible (to adults!) at his Christmas concert the last couple of years. We love it and I highly recommend it!Andrea

  4. Ohh, I forgot about a couple of others we grew up on that I love sharing with my kids. No idea if they are still in publication. Dottie Rambo's "Down By the Creekbank" audio cd. I play it in the car and during Walker's "room time" sometimes and he loves it. Also Kids Praise 2 (Maranatha Music) for Arky Arky grooving, and if you really want to go old school, "The Music Machine." All are straight out of the 70s & 80s, but SO great.

  5. Although we are only in the first stages of it, I have really enjoyed the workbook recommended by Dillow and Arp, "Lessons in Responsibility for Boys". I believe there is one for girls as well. I love the eternal perspective it teaches on responsiblility. Level 1 is for 6&up and Level 2 is for 8&up. Can be found in the homeschooling section at your local Christian bookstore. Definitely going to check out the "Jesus Storybook Bible". Thanks for the recommendations. I also like "The Child's Story Bible" by Catherine F. Vos. Oh! And I am proud to say, our household is also big Bibleman fans!!:)) Go Bibleman!! Laura

  6. My girls, who are 10 and 12, still enjoy a CD series called "The Pond" made by Tommy Nelson Publishing. Very funny, but filled with Christ-like teaching.

  7. Hey, Becky! Gosh, girl! I love your blog! I have forgotten to visit for a while, and stumbled here again just now and can't seem to stop clicking around! There's LIFE here!!!! Just wanted to also put my vote in for the Jesus Storybook Bible. Incredible. One of those things I wish I had way back when…everything would have made a whole lot more sense growing up. How does God point toward His plan for redeeming the world in the creation story? The Flood? David & Goliath? The Tower of Babel…? Etc…all these stories are told in light of God's ultimate plan to send a "rescuer." The illustrations are wonderful. My kids love it. And so do I!!!! Thanks for all the great suggestions!

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