Day Four – What’s Eating Your Lunch?

The LORD gives his people strength; the LORD grants his people security. Psalm 29:11 NET

Well, we’ve made it. It has been such a great week. I am just amazed (but not surprised) at how God has worked this week. Thank you all SO much for emailing me, sending facebook messages and posting comments about what the LORD has shown you. Oh my goodness! I could do a dance in my bathrobe for you right now! I think I will. Hold on.
OK. Today’s post comes from a thought I had mid-conversation with a sweet friend last week. We were talking about insecurity and her battle against the ugly thing. I encouraged her to, “just start believing what God says about her.” I said it in passing, really. Later, I looked back on our conversation (I am the queen of ‘conversation replay’) and realized that I passed over the meat and potatoes of what God really needs and wants us to do. Yes, we DO NEED to believe what God says about us.

But would somebody please tell me exactly what he believes about me….so I can believe it, too?! Amen?!

I have to be honest – I don’t really know. I can scratch the surface….I know he loves me, died for me, created me, chose me, thinks I’m awesome, etc. But I know His love for me runs deeper. Infinitely deeper.

So this is where I am today….Choosing to believe what God says about me. And I’m determined to KNOW what all He says.

Before we go any further, I want to challenge you. I am asking God to burst through the limitations of my intellect today. I am asking Him to open my eyes to see how deep, how wide, how long and how high is his love.
Let me tell you why I think this is so important….because our carnal minds are limited by our past and current associations with love. We limit ourselves, unintentionally, by lumping God’s love for us into the same ball of wax as other earthly relationships. We try and squeeze His love in the same box.

We can’t help but have a “love” history – good or bad. That’s just life. We did not choose our mom or dad or siblings. Some of us walk deeply wounded by the lack of love from our parents. Or we live with hurt caused by a close friend, brother or sister. Maybe its the loss of love – a spouse, child or parent. Some of us associate love with former relationship gone bad. Rejection and love are somehow intertwined for you. You may currently be in an unhealthy marriage where you feel insecure in your own home. Afraid. Timid. Nervous. Alone.

Whatever your limitations on love are, I am challenging you to pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to erase your boundaries. Ask Him to open your eyes and mind to see, and even more experience, His indescribable love for you. To fathom the unfathomable.

Lord, please do it. We ask you to do a supernatural thing today. Open our eyes. Redefine who we think we are. Help us to see ourselves as you see us. Oh Sweet Lord, heal us. Bind our wounds. Heal our broken hearts. Open, really open, our minds to know your love. And to receive it.

All week we have prayed through what we are choosing to believe in light of insecurity.

We can choose to…

1. Believe what others say (or don’t say) about us.

2. Believe what our feelings say about us.

3. Believe what God says about us.

Now, what I’m about to say is going to sound counteractive to everything we’ve talked about this week. But I’m going to say it anyway.

Insecurity isn’t a problem caused by what we choose to believe. (what!) Our problem is not knowing WHAT to believe. And if we know it and don’t believe it then we have a disbelief problem. (Geez, we’ve got problems!)

We need to know what to believe so we can “choose” wisely.

Let me pause to tell you about this precious friend of mind.

I would love for you to meet her.

Before I met her, she really walked a dark road. She was rebellious and a slave to sin. Her heart was heavy, cold and hard. But when she started following Christ, you could see evident change in her life. She was brand new. Set free. Her heart opened up. Today she is beautiful and blessed beyond measure with every gift imaginable. She is confident, lovely, at peace with herself and at peace with everyone around her. She lights up a room! Walks in grace and humility, yet deeply empowered by her knowledge that she is chosen by God. She is a beautiful display of His creativity and beauty. She is his workmanship – created to do good works. She has no worry – she laughs at the days to come because all of her needs are met. She wants for nothing. She is confident in who she is. Bold and complete. She is wise, accepted, righteous, redeemed and forgiven. She is God’s favorite daughter. The apple of His eye. His heart beats for her. And her heart for His.

Ahhh. Isn’t she lovely?

Well, get acquainted. That is you, my sweet friend. Yes. Re-read. That is just a taste of how God sees you. You are all of these things to Him. And so much more.

If it is significance we are looking for…then look no further. God gives us more that we know what to do with. He will blow your mind with significance.

Now, it is our job to believe it. By faith, by golly…believe it.

So I’ve created a new link with a SLEW of scripture pertaining to WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST. It is found at the top of this page under “About You.” I anticipate I will be going there often for reference. I pray you will be blessed by these truths. And that’s what they are – TRUTHS. God’s not out to stroke our egos and make us feel warm and fuzzy. HE IS OUT TO SET US FREE.

Let’s choose to believe Him. Not our feelings or what people say (or don’t say) about us. BELIEVE GOD. We will never be the same. Our tanks will be infinitely full of his love and adoration. No more stuffing His love into my limited “love” box.


Christ died for our security. Insecurity is a defeated foe.


Be blessed.


I means so much to hear from you!

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