What is eating your lunch?

Insecurity is eating our lunch.

Every single day. We are all, to some degree, walking around feeling unsure of ourselves. Inadequate. Low self-esteem. Poor self worth. Depressed. Deeply wounded.

I have had several conversations lately about the topic, so I thought I’d address.

The answer to the dilemma is – there is no simple answer. It is a process. A process to sort through the root of our issues, address them and then figure out what in the world to do with it all. It takes a willingness to be vulnerable. A willingness to admit we are insecure and a desire to change. Bottom line – we all just need to get really mad about the epidemic of insecurity. It is plaguing our culture.

So, why? How in the heck have we gotten to this point? Well, once again…no simple answer. On the surface, I would say it is in great part due to the fact we live in a culture driven by materialism. Assets. Accessories. Money. Possessions. Rank. Fame. Media.

Then throw in facebook and twitter, why don’t we?! A playground for inadequacy. A place where people only post their very best. I myself have yet to post, “Becky Rhodes Crenshaw is so frustrated with her husband she could scream.” or “…just yelled like an idiot at her four-year-old” or “…is feeling worthless, ugly and low. I have a puss-filled zit on my chin and a small touch of constipation. Don’t get me started on cellulite.”

I have yet to read someone post, “..My teenage daughter might be pregnant and I blame myself.” or “…I think my husband is having an affair.” or “…I am struggling with prescription drug abuse.” Nope.

No one is writing that.

In Becky Crenshaw, b.c. days (that’s “before Christ” – ha ha.) I was the poster child for an eating disorder/over exerciser. ALL of my identity was found in my appearance, my weight, my fitness level, and how people viewed me. I was a mess. A thin, wiry, Chirstless mess. I was my own god. Exercise was my god. Food was my god -or the lack, thereof. This was my first real face to face encounter with insecurity. I had to make a choice – to get help or to stay sick. I chose to get help. Without Christ, this was very difficult. I went to counseling, ready to talk about my issues with food and exercise. But all that darn counselor wanted to talk about was….My family. My relationships. My background. I was so peeved. It took me a while to figure out that he was on to me. He knew my issue wasn’t with food. It was about the journey that brought me to that chair. To my problem. Does that make sense?

So it is with our current insecurities. How have we gotten here? What is it that is “eating our lunch”? What is lying underneath our issues? Our inadequacies? Our fears? Well, it will be different for us all.

There are three choices we have to make here. Are you ready? Here we go.

We must to choose to…
1. Believe what others say (or don’t say) about us.
2. Believe what our “feelings” say about us.
3. Believe what God says about us.

So over the next week, we are going to work through, pray through, and seek the Lord through these three choices. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, I challenge you to start the journey of asking God to reveal your insecurities. Not necessarily fun, I know. But so good. Write them down. Journal. Pray.

You can not address what you don’t address.

Search me, O God and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting.
Psalm 139:23,24

Here is one thing I know – healing is coming. He is the God who heals us. Jehovah-Rapha. He is so faithful.

Be blessed. (and come back)

4 thoughts on “What is eating your lunch?

  1. Becky- I just heard about your blog a few weeks ago and I am so enjoying it! Thanks for taking the time to speak some truth to us! Love it!! Tough topic- will be thinking on that this week….Heather Wooten

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