I get overly excited about the Lord.

The only emotion I can equate it to is Christmas morning as a little girl. Not the “oh look at my presents” feeling, but the “I’m in my room and it’s too early to get out of bed” feeling. The emotion of knowing there are all sorts of things waiting for me, but I really don’t know what they are…yet. Endless possibilities! I swear, I am just flat out giddy today. No particular reason. Just Jesus.

Here’s the deal…I told Brent yesterday, I feel like the Lord is about to do something. I have no idea what. But something. Now, I will be honest, that is scary to admit. I have said before that “hardship is a training ground for growth.” So yes, he may be about to do something, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go to my mailbox and receive a million dollar check. It could mean growth “through hardship.” I don’t know. I just know he is capable of anything and I am open.

So I’m driving yesterday morning when I hear DC Talk’s song, Consume Me. How’s that for a blast from the past? Such a great song. Here I am, all giddy for Jesus and extremely over analytical, so I start to dwell on the lyrics of this song. Overcome with inexplicable joy. Consumed by it. Consumed by Him. And I start to think on the idea of God being an “all consuming fire.” So here I am today. Feeling extremely led to dig into God as a Holy Fire.

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire.” Hebrew12:28,29

The Greek root word for fire is pyr meaning the holiness of God, which consumes all that is inconsistent therewith. (Where we get our word for pyromaniac.)

Consume means to do away with completely. To consume wholly. To engage fully.

So, the holiness of God sets out to fully engage us. To consume us wholly. To do away with all that it inconsistent with Him. Wow.

DID YOU HEAR THAT!? God’s Holiness wants to engage you! What in the world? Amazing.

So what is this All Consuming Fire of God capable of doing in our lives? Anything He wants to do, that’s what. And usually it is crazy. Look at John the Baptist. He was ready to get the show on the road. Leaping in his mama’s belly. Wild eyed. Eating bugs and honey in the wilderness. Living among the beasts. I love Him. He was wild eyed for Jesus. Consumed. A Holy Fire pyromaniac.

Think about fire. What does it do? It refines. It kills. It gives light. It is energy. It gives warmth. It protects. It is a source of survival.

Oh, Lord. I am seeing it. Holy Fire kill my sin. Refine me. Warm my soul. Make me light. I need you in the cold, deadly elements. You are my life line.

I feel Him in my veins. The Holy Spirit in me. Consuming me. Refining me. It is all very real, people. The Holy Spirit. He is alive in the life of a believer. The third person on the trinity. He will cause scales to fall from your eyes and to see life through the eyes of Christ. Watch out. It is what he does.

So, today Lord I am thankful. And with reverence and awe I ask you to do something. A little crazy is fine. A little wild-eyed. A little John the Baptist-ish. Let’s do this thing.

Be blessed.

Consume Me
DC Talk

Lovely traces
I can sense You in everything
The way that You move me
Takes me far away
I seek no escape
I’m dreaming through Your eyes
I am wandering through Your mind
I’m overtaken by the way that You deliver me
I’m transcended
There’s no place I’d rather be
Than here in Heaven
Without You I’m incomplete
It’s hopeless

You consume me, You consume me
Like a burning flame running through my veins
You consume me moving through me
Anytime, anyplace You invade my space
You consume me, You consume me

Wholly devoted
I immerse myself in You
Baptize me in Your love
Cause drowning in the thought of You
Floods my soul
I’m taken by the things You do
God, You know
It doesn’t matter what I lose
I’m Yours

I am in Your hands
Under Your command
Like a puppet on a string
[Lord you know]
I am willing to
Put my faith in You
So before the world I sing
[Consume me]

You consume me, You consume me
Burning flame, through my veins
You consume me moving through me
Anytime, anyplace You invade my space
You consume me [oh, you know that I surrender]
I am consumed, I’m consumed with You

There’s no other way I can fly
It’s You and I, You and I
There’s no other way I can fly
It’s You and I, You and I

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