This was not my idea!

Let me just start by saying…..this was God’s idea.

I love to write–always have. I was an English major in college with a creative writing emphasis, bla bla bla. But! I do not think so highly of myself to think anyone would really care what I have to say.

However, if you know Jesus, then you know what he does….makes us do crazy things. Outlandish at times! Out of our comfort zones….Like starting a blog…a blog about me and Jesus drinking coffee, at that. SO! This blog is NOT about me….its about Him and this amazing journey of life.

So, how did it all come about? In the mornings, I get up….make coffee, grab my Bible, journal, computer and spend time in the Word. So many of you do the same thing. But every now and again I feel as if I have no place to go. Do you know what I mean? I go through seasons of life where I just HAVE to be in a Bible study! I crave fellowship with other women and love the structure a study offers. Other times (usually at the end of that study) I am just ready to be on my own with the Lord. Just go wherever I want to go in the Word, journal, pray, etc.

But after a while of that I get lazy.

So I start to google. And facebook. And look at Ebay….and craigslist…and iTunes. And if you asked me if I had a quiet time that day I would say, “yes, I sat quietly for a time :)” But let me tell you….when I have a place to go, a verse to read, a moment with the Lord, it is NEVER a waste of time. Somedays we all need a place to start. In light of that, this blog idea kept coming up during our little chats in the morning…I pushed back and God pressed in. So here we are.

Our times over coffee in the morning are often the best times of my entire day. So rich and life-changing. One thing about the Word is…it doesn’t take much. Even if you haven’t cracked your Bible in years, He is faithful to bless you with his Word.

No matter where you are, where you’ve been or where you think you’re heading.
You now have a place to start. I invite you to join us for coffee in the mornings.

Grab a cup of joe and let the Word of God transform your life….as it does mine.

3 thoughts on “This was not my idea!

  1. Very cool, Becky!!! Stumbled onto your blog while scrolling through FB statuses…you just totally inspired me to close my computer and go dig in the Word to see what amazing, challenging, comforting, wise thing He has to say to me. I will be checking your blog. Way to go for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something Jesus asked you to do!! Many blessings!Ruthanne

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